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SIBERIQUE: unique handbags from Russia

Bag — one of the most important things in a woman’s wardrobe. Bright and unusual bag can be an important emphasis, complementing the style, it can help to create a unique look and even change the live. I talked to the founder of the Russian handbag brand SIBERIQUE, Kristina Samokhvalova, and learned about what bags  in vogue now and how to buy a bag that no one else has.


Tell me more about your brand. Does the brand have its own philosophy? 
We produce unique wooden hand-painted bags in Russia. The brand name is based on two words: Siberia and Unique, they convey the general idea of the brand.
What is the role of the bag in the wardrobe and in the live of women? 
The last few seasons, it has become fashionable to decorate a bag by ornaments, various images or inscriptions. I think it may says that women are more likely to use the bag as a «message» to others about her mood. Our client share stories that they often become the center of attention, total strangers come up and ask about the details of the bag, about the image.

«The ideal bag is bag, which make you feel special»

Your brand creates a unique design handbags, but also provides ready-made options. How exactly are these options made? What inspires you?
I’m inspired by travel, music, cinema. For example, I recently watched black-and-white silent film «Metropolis» of Fritz Lang, despite the age of century, it continues to be a kind of Bible for many designers, filmmakers and screenwriters. Nature for me is a never-ending source of inspiration, I love the mystery of the forest, twilight and fairy-tale motifs. Also, I can not skip a museum of art, so in any city my first point  is a museum and gallery. The last few years I had been fond of ornaments and symbols.
Customers often order individual prints, which are always very interesting and exciting to realize. In most cases the ideas are the memories or strong impressions. The image of Soviet cartoons, flowers, nature or birds often become the design of bags. Customers sometimes describe what feelings should call the print on the bag, what associated with, for example, the brightness, summer, and so on. This part is my favorite, it’s creativity in its purest form.
Are your bags «seasonal»? If not, do you plan to produce seasonal collections?
The brand does not adhere to the seasonality in the production of collections, new bags delight their customers every week. Now the collection of the brand includes format of the clutch and two types of handbag: a long strap and short handle. In the near future we will release a new bag design — this is another reason to follow us through Instagram.
What was your most unusual and most difficult order?
When a person makes an individual order, he becomes an accomplice in the process, a symbiosis of a team creates at different levels, including on energy. And for me, it’s magic (laughs). There are clients, which are very light, and the bag is very simple and quick, even with very complex images. There are clients, which are profound, bag can be done a little slower, but it will be serious and verified. When customers write that the bag turned out much better than they had imagined, for me it is the highest award.
How does the production of bags go on?
All our masters are in Russia. Well-coordinated team is working on a bag. The process is complex, multi-step and requires a 100% return from each participant. We are proud, what we do bags from environmentally friendly material, which is easily recycled. In addition, we are involved in programs to restore forests in national parks.

«Make a bag — plant a tree!»

How did you develop the business? And who, basically, are your customers?
Brand is quite young, but a lot of actors and media persons are already interested in, among them: Elena Podkaminskaya, Christine Asmus, Laura Jugelia, Maria Kolosova, Lipa Teterich, Zhanna Kim, Xenia Chilingarova and singer Nyusha.
An important role was played by a meeting with the founder of the online store of Russian designers,, Lidia Alexandrova. She was the first who believed in us and invited into her project. Instagram was also very helpful, I met star stylists, bloggers and photographersit due to it.

Buyers, stars and others, are attracted by unique design and opportunity to make bag with their names

Please tell us more about yourself. How the creation of bags influenced your life? Has your attitude towards life changed?
Of course, it has changed. Firstly, the responsibility has become greater and more opportunity for realization appeared. I enjoy the process of creating bags, the company growth process and work with my team.

How to start working in fashion industry? What qualities are needed for this?

As in any business the most important thing is the desire. Secondly, you must determine where it is possible to realize yourself, because the industry is very big. For example, you can have an internship to understand what fits you. By the way, there are special sites with internships exactly in fashion area.
Please tell us about your plans for the future. Have you ever thought about the possibility of creating other accessories?
We have big plans, they touch the expansion of our production, opening a showroom in Moscow. But we also prepare a lot of surprises for our customers.

What would you like to wish my readers? Please share some advice with us.

If you have an idea, be sure to begin its implementation immediately! In any case, it is better to start now and to see what happens in future. It is better than never learn it.


Photo: Daria Ratushina

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