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Flashy and bright

Desigual is a spanish fashion brand based in Barcelona. Casual style of the
cloths is so unexpectedly bright: floral prints, surreal graffiti, intensive
patterns. It is very similar to Barcelona. This city is full of colors and
unexpected combonations. Desigual is so beautiful like a flowers on la Rambla.

cloths is perfect as a sculptor Gaudi architecture, but it`s an acquired taste.
Not everyone dared so much that would suit a bright clothes. If would like to
wear this brand, you must have a refined sense of style.
To be
honest i was very afraid to buy such cloths, worrying about the wrong
collaboration.  Once i had found the
ideal thing for me. My new purchases are laptop bag and cardigan. These things
are so bright and summer, it will remind me of my fantastic vacation in Spain. 

Do you like Spanish fashion?

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