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The holiday season is coming soon, it’s time to think what kind of clothes we can choose to walk on the sunny streets of the city and wear at the resort. Of course, the choice of clothes is a very important process, but today we will talk about the upcoming summer accessories, namely about what we can decorate our bright female head. Fashion brands offer a huge selection, so let’s really understand what exactly new and unusual we can hang on ourselves.

So decorations in form of chains deserve special mention. It may be a chain that are attached by scallop or it is a dressing with chains. These jewelries will be relevant for the image in grunge style, and for the vintage.
Second season in a row must-have is different headbands and head wraps with flowers. Gorgeous Lana Del Rey last year favored roses, peonies and orchids. But large flowers are fading, and we choose something small, not pretentious and gentle, such as cherry blossom or almonds. For such a wonderful trend is definitely worth to pay tribute to Dolce & Gabbana. Collection spring-summer 2014 showed us how to decorate our hairstyles by small pink and white flowers on thin green stems. Pay attention to the luxury gold headbands of Roman aristocrats. All images do not look flashy, it is very feminine. Just imagine how amazing you’ll look in a light chiffon dress with a thin wreath of flowers on an evening walk along the Mediterranean seafront.
Bohemian chic is definitely very popular. This is evidenced by a variety of wraps for the head, from a thin rope with beads and finishing with incredible interweaving of skin. Perhaps the main accessory of this summer is headband-turban. But here you can find a huge field for creativity: you can buy something really unusual like Carrie Bradshaw from «Sex and the City 2» or make it from any headscarf. Various decorations, for example stones and chains in the middle, can make your image in Boho-chic style even more stylish. Like everything else the most important thing is moderation.
The luxury and glam of Bollywood style is haunted by fashionistas not for a first time. Girls, fascinated by Indian beauty, try on the head pendants -tikka. Tikka (or tika, or mangtika) — a traditional Indian hair decoration that is situated in place of the ‘third eye’. It consists of a chain with a hook on one side and a pendant on the other. In India the tikka is a symbol of fidelity, earlier such a jewelry could be met on a married woman, but now it is worn by everyone because it’s pretty. And can not argue, it looks really extravagant and stylish.
Another unusual and beautiful thing — is birdcage veils, which migrated from the wardrobe of the elite and from the catwalk in almost all mass-markets. The veil can be a part of the headband or it can exist independently with fastening — hairpins. Beads or embroidery may be on the veil. On the veil can be beads or embroidery. Importantly wear it gently and with a minimal amount of other accessories. Don’t overdo, because you will look like a tasteless old lady.
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