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For honor and conscience

  We like proverb ‘Preaper the sled in summer, and cart in winter’ in Russia very much, because Russian always prepare for the worst as well as to a good much earlier. That is why I invite you to take care about your winter look right now. Although we will not analyze the whole look, we just look at the winter footwear’s chic trend. I’ve already wrote about the winter collection of Dolce & Gabbana, but only about men. However, it should also pay attention to the female part. The girl in the armor — it’s very interesting.


  Cavalry boots with high tops were invented for a rider to help him to be in the saddle a long time.  Currently jackboots received a second life as a fashionable trend of women’s boots. Jackboots doesn’t lose relevance this fall: they add sexuality and audacity into the look. But any high boots very insidious: one incorrectly chosen item, and you’ll look vulgar.


  I want to tell you about the two images and two types of boots that Dolce & Gabbana offer us to wear this winter. First variant — a woman-knight. Once again, we greeted high boots. Decorations in the form of nails and «shields» on their knees make them visible, and velvet trim adds a nice contrast. I would wear them and wear.


  These boots could look very androgenic, but two great couturiers showed us how to wear them and look fabulous, and not like a man in a skirt. It’s love at first sight, clearly, this is my wishlist. What to wear with it? Take the contrast: flying and romantic things. Another option — monotonous and strict: stuff made of tweed, wool and jacquard.
  The second model — elegant boots with heels or without heels, but with a pointed toe. The image — the daughter of the merchant or the Norman princess. Or any other princess. Of course, any princess wants these boots. They look very rich and attract attention. You do not need any accessories with such bright boots.


Whatever way you choose, buying these boots, you’ll be in the trend. Therefore, while it is fine weather mend your sails.

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