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Returning to Rome

This season, Tom Ford gave us a real surprise — the gladiator’s shoes. Black, white, gold, silver …. We can dress them up and go for a female fights in the coliseum, we can go to the store for milk, or watch them at home. To be honest, for me, this thing has remained unclear, but it looks stunning.
In ancient Rome, in Latin, these shoes called Calceus (calcei): the shoe that covered the whole foot compared to the sandals. It was laced shoes with the separate inner and outer soles, straps were wrapped around the leg. Slaves were not allowed to wear these boots. Belts could be up to the hips, but it was considered as women style.
Calcei patricii is a special type of shoes for roman nobles. Two straps on each side was attached between the sole and the uppers, front and back. Romans liked black belts.
Women wore Calcei muliebres. It was like the male’s, but made of thinner, softer leather. There was a bright variety of colors, but women preffered in white with different decorations.
Todays Anna Dello Russo, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway enjoy Tom Ford. Speaking about Anna Dello Russo, should be mention her ‘army of gladiators’ in Instagram.


If you try to search in Google words «gladiator boots», the first you will see «Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Chanel and Versace….». Is it really hot or not?


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