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    SLAVA ZAITSEV fw`15-16

    I am glad to present photos from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. And the first will be show of Slava Zaitsev. He is a classic of Russian fashion. Collection Fall-Winter also came out very classic and even historical: vintage dresses with crinolines, elegant hats and something from the British dandy.         The show was just amazing. Everyone were excited especially after the latest model, walking on a runway under the poem of Marina Tsvetaeva. The show caused a formication. Enjoy my photos and leave a feedback! I would be very happy to discuss the collection in comments below.

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    Warm news

      H&M и Isabel Marant have prepared a pleasant surprise that will help us to stay warm on cold winter nights and look stylish every day. The Swedish brand introduced the visual aid about the French chic — Exclusive Collection, which combines the classics, épatage and French style. Isabel Marant commended the collection as a new opportunity to to revise old models and improve them. Undoubtedly, all things look smart and stylish. New look at old things is expressed in four directions: men, women, teens and accessories. However, the purpose of my article is not to talk about the whole collection, I wanna show you the most beautiful and original…