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Trends of summer: hot urbanization

Carrying summer in the city often seems to be a problem for us. Many people do not see this as anything positive, continuing to dream about the sea in stuffy offices. How can we add a drop of the sun into a routine? Choosing clothes for work, we do not even think that it can be mixed with something summer and warms to the soul. We are afraid to wear bright things even at the weekend, that we can not imagine how to wear «holiday» wardrobe every day. I created looks that will help to dilute the summer weekdays in the city by the drop of relaxation and lightheadedness. We did something special with the photographer, makeup artist and model for the magazine FAVOT.

Some looks will merge into an ideal working environment, and some looks are suitable for a party with friends. Combining strictness and brightness you can get very interesting results. The important thing is to take into account all of the latest details of this summer: the open shoulders, cropped tops, dresses- shirts, long vests, summer coats and, more importantly, your best summer sandals.



Top Form — 3600 rub., skirt Shein — 935 rub., backpack Kokosina — 6400 rubles., sandals New Look — 2 271.81 rub., earrings Asos — 454,54 rub.




Top Ashe — 4700 rub., shorts Monki — 1300 rub., sandals New Look — 2 271.81 rub., summer coat TOTO 4900 rub., earrings Asos — 454,54 rub., bracelet and necklace — property of the stylist.




Dress-shirt Perversus — 5950 rub., shoes Asos — 1 510.16 rub., earrings Asos — 454,54 rub., scarf Monki.



Top Ashe — 4700 rub., pants Ashe — 5900 rub., ring STELLAR — 6500 rub., sandals ASOS — 4 090 rub., glasses and bag — property of the stylist.




Dress Ypsilon — 5950 rub., vest Shein — 2081 rub., sandals Asos — 4 090.90 rub., clutch bag and glasses — property of the stylist.

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