Warm news

  H&M и Isabel Marant have prepared
a pleasant surprise that will help us to stay warm on cold winter
nights and look stylish every day. The Swedish brand introduced the
visual aid about the French chic — Exclusive Collection, which
combines the classics, épatage and French style. Isabel Marant
commended the collection as a new opportunity to to revise old models
and improve them. Undoubtedly, all things look smart and stylish. New
look at old things is expressed in four directions: men, women, teens
and accessories. However, the purpose of my article is not to talk
about the whole collection, I wanna show you the most beautiful and
original sweaters of this season, including a models of this
Exclusive collection. By the way, the collection will available in stores
on November 14.

I consider it important to draw your attention to the color scheme of clothes — perhaps it is the most laconic and impressively combination. The combination of black and white fits universal and will look great with a contrasting bright skirt or dress. Neon left the podium, but it is also pertinent in this case.Volumetric textured sweaters and bright cardigans from the French fave will look perfectly with classic trousers, skinny jeans and even romantic dresses that was proved excellent by collection lookbook. The only disadvantage that not all things will look good on the miniature or big boned girls. Agree, even the most thin girl not always dare to put these sweaters. 
With regard to men’s collection, in my opinion it turned out calmer and versatile than women. No matter what is your height and width of the waist, these sweaters can be worn by everyone. Is not a sin to buy such a stylish thing for your father and for a boyfriend as a gift.

In addition to the coveted Isabel Marant collection for H&M I would like to present you a selection of the most interesting models from other brands. This season we are encouraged by the NEXT. I chose three original and actual models, which are patterns of must-have list for this winter. The first is the black loopy cardigan. This variant combined with high heels and a dress will create the perfect glamorous image (glam chic or glam punk — you decide for yourself). Another cool thing is a check roll neck jumper. Why? Everything is simple, this jumper has the actual print and a warm color combination. As you’ve understood, burgundy, camel and black — all of colours is perfect this season. Such a thing would be appropriate for almost any lower part of the clothes and any heel height. The only advice, choose mid thigh sweater or a little shorter, otherwise it will make you corpulent. The last model is the faux fur longline sweater. Of course, its major advantage is the texture, but you can find more interesting color.
My another discovery is the British design company Jeager. I just fell in love with these models, so just enjoy my findings without any comments. Sweaters speak for themselves. 
Stripe swing sweater is the classic version for all times and ombre sweater is simply amazing (you can easily paint your old sweater). Fair isle sweater will look great with a mini skirt, and python print sweater is perfectly combined with a leather trousers.
 Fluffy geo jumper from the WAREHOUSE inspired me to write this article (it is a secret). There is a lot of questions about the fabric care, but design is very cute. Jumper from Iro Caterina looks like a Isabel Marant model (Who knows who is the cheater?) — it is a good way to avoid queues at the H&M. 
The brand WHISTLES also offers a neat sweater. An oversized silver grey jumper is a very good idea for a daytime look. Lion Jumper by MARY PORTAS obviously will not remain unnoticed and is suitable for a very original and stylish persons. However, the most important that you are kept warm and don’t catch cold!

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