What you should know about Pantone Colors 2016 Makeup

Pantone company, the referee of color in fashion industry, called not one, but two shades of the coming year for the first time in history. According to the tradition Pantone announces 10 most fashionable colors of the season, and the company determines the main color among them. Thus, according to the study, 2016 will be painted in two colors: ‘Rose Quartz’ (pale pink) and ‘Serenity’ (dirty pale lavender).
Colors of the season ‘transport us to a happy and sunny place, where we are free to express a more clever version of ourselves’, tells the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman.
Many fashion brands have already created a collection of clothes in pastel colors, but why should we stop at clothes? The makeup is also good, using more pastel tones.

For example, I made a light daily makeup, using a pale pink shades of shadows, blush and lipstick. This option is very refreshing makeup.

I used the lavender, blue and pink eye shadow, blending with each other, and a black pencil to emphasize the eyelash contour for a classic version of the evening makeup. It is very easy and gentle option for a spring evening make-up!

We will analyze all skincare and cosmetic products into details next time to see, how these options was made.
Follow the news, try something new and be beautiful!

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