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    Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Welcome to a magic forest, home of fairies and elves. This world is full of lightness and miracles like trends of this summer. Off shoulder dresses and tops, weightless and airy skirts are here. These clothes are nice to enjoy the moonlight, inhale the aromas of night flowers and dive into summer dreams. Anna wears: dress Molly Bracken, stylist’s jewellery  Anna wears: top H&M, skirt Motel Rocks, stylist’s jewellery Anna wears: top IDOL Fashion, model’s skirt and collar, hair accessory Nikoleflowers Anna wears: top Dresslink, skirt Sultanna Frantsuzova, hair accessory Nasty Gal Photo: Daria Ratushina MUA&Hair: Olga Panasenkova Style: Daria Evtyanova Model: Anna Golotova

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    Green chasm

    Into this chasm, many fell, It’s gaping wide! My time will come and I, as well, Will go one night. And all that struggled, shone, rejoiced Will be ensnared — My emerald eyes, my gentle voice, My golden hair. Your daily bread will come. You’ll live Without a pause. And everything will be — as if I never was! Like children, changeable in mood, And sometimes brash, I loved it when the firewood Would turn to ash. The cello, cavalcades, the bell In village square… — Without me, who lived, as well, Among you there! From all — I never knew just when To say enough, — I now demand…