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The secret of your stylish and fashionable interior

All the time we are writing about fashion, style, what to wear, how to combine, what is relevant, what shows have passed, but we do not touch other areas closely related to fashion and style absolutely. One of these areas is an interior design, and it is very important, because the things around us create a mood, inspire or suppress us. The workplace can motivate you to do something or can oppress us and create the desire to leave the room as soon as possible. Borrowing the inspiration from online magazine of the shopping club Westwing, we have prepared for you some interesting ideas on how to organize the space around you, and decorate it with the items from your wardrobe and cosmetics.

1) Look at your perfume and cosmetics. For sure, you have a beautiful bottles or other containers that can very effectively complement your interior. The fragrance for home or your soul with vintage pump provides an elegant accent to your desk, dresser or even a windowsill. A beautiful powder or transparent organizer with lipsticks will be good interior details.

2) The pictures from the photo booths can live not only in the album. So feel free to take them, insert into the frame and hang on the wall. They will be an important emotional component of the interior, causing pleasant memories, as well as a stylish complement. No wonder that all bloggers are so fond of snapshots, they look very atmospheric.

3) Make the glossy pages your partner in crime. Let’s be honest, the one, who buys a lot of magazines, faces with the main dilemma sooner or later: it is a pity to throw them, but there is no place to store them. And then you are sitting in front of a mountain made of magazines and letting a tears to consume you, remembering their cost. However there is a solution: make them a part of your interior. Use a stack of magazines as a bedside table or small stand. Also they can be hung within or without frames on the walls.

4) Do not forget about the content. If you do decide to be apart with your magazines, flip them once more before leaving them in the bin. In the popular press you can find beautiful pictures of the famous fashion photographers. Are you sure? Do you want to leave them? After all, these pictures can decorate your walls. You can also make a useful clippings. By the way, the glossy pages is the main source of content for inspiring collage or moodboards with plans for the summer.

5) Decorate your green friend. When it comes to plants, all people together agree that this is an important element of the interior, but just a few people think that they can become and excellent keepers of the jewelry. Firstly, you will not spend too much time searching for your favorite necklaces, and, secondly, your fine jewelry will delight the eyes.

6) We all need more light. Not only heating, but also the decoration is responsible for warmth and comfort. Therefore, flavored candle or a beautiful candlestick with the ordinary candle will be a bright accent in your home. You can decorate the glass with a candle with your bracelets or necklaces. Lamps can be an excellent complement of the interior. One can not live without light, and working hard every day and night without a break, walking in the fresh air not enough, we fall into a depression. A garland is the thing, what will add comfort and style, as well as it enhances the mood.

7) Just add… a bag! Who said what your bag can not be a part of the decor? Beautiful bag should please us anywhere, so it is not necessary to hide it in the closet. Probably, your interior needs to be supplemented not only with the bag, but also spectacular scarf. The faux fur collar or a conventional cloth scarf is suitable. You can use the same color scheme or color blocking method, making a bright contrast.

8) The shoes for Cinderella. Beautiful shoes — the key to success. And not only on your feet. If you bought a couple of nice, but hell torments do not give you to go more than a meter, this option is just that the doctor ordered. Decorate windowsill or dresser with you best shoes. Coffee table is a variant for the most daring persons.

Photo & text: Daria Evtyanova

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