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Why Russian streetstyle photographers are so terrible in work

Look at a photographer to understand what he does, look at his clothes and a sense of style. Does he look great? European and American photographers wear amazing things, look stylish and glossy, because their style was before the camera. Our photographers believe that they don’t need it to make a good shot, but it is a matter of aesthetics and a sense of the world. They just shoemakers, walking barefoot. So, tell me, how a person looks like a victim of a repression without any feeling of beauty can take a good choice of shooting or not of anybody? Who judge your style? I’m not angry, but I hope, this article will help somebody to change a life and to work better.


Russian streetstyle society think that it is enough to have a good camera to be a star in streetstyle photography (indeed, in photography generally). It is a very common delusion in our country, where people don’t features and skills of the professional activity. We don’t know who is a professional photographer (such a common situation in art, who is a professional artist?), and what should be done to call yourself like that. Owning the camera doesn’t make you a photographer.



Local photographers (not new buddies in industry) shoot only celebrities and their friends (read last post). They are not interested in you even if you wear Prada like a last Devil in the world and your sense of style is on top. Why they take a picture of celebs? These people share it with the fans, and some of them will follow the photographer. This is how it works. PR and advertising is the first thing that photographer see before everything.


The next problem is a Western orientation and opinion-makers. Local photographers look who is the hero for Adam Katz Sinding or someone else and capture him too. Who needs to turn on your mind when you can use someone’s brains? The herd mentality escalates to the limit, but photographers do not know what to publish at the end of a fashion week.



Coat: Monki

Dress: Alena Akhmadullina

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Olympia Le-Tan

Photo: Katerina Ponik

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