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The gift to yourself

I never pretended to be a beauty blogger, but I can not share my discovery. I got my parcel from the USA just yesterday and was delighted. The long-awaited eyeshadows came to me. Colors seem simple, but in reality they are more complicated.

Bad Bitch Cosmetics is a Regina Panzeca`s company with not ordinary and bright view. BBC`s eyeshadows are a 100% handmade. I never used this kind of eyeshadows, but handmade looks dignified. Since I am a fan of Andy Warhol, the first that was wondered — The Warhol Collection — 6 piece mineral eyeshadow set.
The Warhol Collection met my expectations. The colors are the living embodiment of the great artist’s muses. The Warhol Superstars had sophisticated fate, and eyeshadows, which are called by their names, have complex combinations in its composition. Candy Darling shadow has a sweet pink color, beautiful and tender. Jackie has a light blue color, it looks like a color scheme of Andy’s pictures with Mrs. Kennedy. 
Ultra Violet — the shadow,  which I searched for a long time. It is very intense and vivid, ultra throughout. With regard to Edie, eyeshadows are very bright, but with pink sequins. It looks almost imperceptibly, but very shining. Holly was my personal discovery. Color is metallic and very beautiful , depending on the light it shines brown then pink. Viva for me perhaps the most extreme color, it is very intense and persistent.

Two more shadows that have not left me indifferent — Belacqua and Trina. American rapper and model gave her the stage name Trina for this rich golden eyeshadow. It is bright and lookes like a real gold. I’m afraid to imagine how many carats are there. 
On the photos it’s not very visible, but Belacqua has more intense color. And it is not clear what is more perfect: silver with turquoise or deep green-gold micro shimmer? All shadows are very resistant and do not remain unnoticed. Trust me.
(Left picture: from the top… Ultra Violet, Jackie, Viva, Holly, Edie, Candy Darling. Right: from the left to the right: Belacqua, Trina) 
At the end of my review I just want to say: thank you, bitch! I love it!

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