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    MIRSTORES ss’18

    Young Russian brand MIRSTORES presented its new lookbook spring-summer 2018. The brand specializes in knitwear and creates comfortable, skin-friendly clothes from natural fabrics. You can find one of the main trends of the season — fishnet tops and dresses from the crochet. The summer collection of MIRSTORES also has cardigans, cotton dresses, knitted skirts and crop-tops. Materials: Dear Progress

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    KOVALEVAMOLOCHAEVA: a new face of outerwear

    KOVALEVAMOLOCHAEVA is a design duo from Novosibirsk, who works in fashion industry more than 7 years. The winners of national and international design competitions are the best young designers of Russia according to National Fashion Industry Academy, they are the winners of the national award «Golden spindle 2014». The new collection of KOVALEVAMOLOCHAEVA ‘Varya’is a modern silhouette, high-quality materials and bright prints. I talked to the designers about the collection and other important details. What inspired you to create this collection? Why is it called like that? The feature of the collection is a combination of the outerwear (jackets, down jackets and coats) with evening dresses. The basis of the collection…

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    SIBERIQUE: unique handbags from Russia

    Bag — one of the most important things in a woman’s wardrobe. Bright and unusual bag can be an important emphasis, complementing the style, it can help to create a unique look and even change the live. I talked to the founder of the Russian handbag brand SIBERIQUE, Kristina Samokhvalova, and learned about what bags  in vogue now and how to buy a bag that no one else has.   Tell me more about your brand. Does the brand have its own philosophy?  We produce unique wooden hand-painted bags in Russia. The brand name is based on two words: Siberia and Unique, they convey the general idea of the brand.…