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    Fall anticrisis Wishlist

    Today I would like to share with you my fall wish list. However it will be not ordinary list with luxury items, today it will be anticrisis list with cheap and stylish stuff from Chinese shops. It was a compilation of the most relevant things to wear this autumn. 1) Sleeveless Printed Shirt To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 2) Short T-shirt To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 3) Trench Coat To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 4) Red wine Coat To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 5) Dragon Cuff To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 6) Khaki Vest To buy: http://www.romwe.com/ 7) Contrast Collar Coat To buy: http://www.romwe.com/ 8) Pink Backpack To buy: http://www.romwe.com/ 9) Hessian boots To buy:  First Second Third 10) Cristall Necklace To buy: http://www.asos.com/ru/

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    Real capsule or placebo?

    There was a day X in the shops of H&M a few days ago — new collection came out. H&M has collaborated with supermodel Amber Valletta and Ever Manifesto. Specially created campaign ‘Conscious Exclusive’ promotes environmentally friendly fashion. All clothes are made ​​from recycled materials. Clothes are made from sustainable materials and were performed in bohemian style. It turned out to be really beautiful and chic. The collection is not flashy, it is airy, light and womanly. The source of inspiration was Spain mainly. You can become a toreador, either flamenco dancer or just a Spanish princess. It’s not a first H&M’s environment protection oriented collection, they try to bring more fashion products that…

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    Say ‘No’ to dresses with me

    I am tired to celebrate every New Year in dress, something should be changed. Every year i see a lot of girls in uncomfortable dresses and shoes. What is the stereotype to wear dresses, false lashes and heels-killers? In Russia we also have traditions to eat salad Olivier, drink a lot of alcohol, listen congratulations from the president and sleep under the Christmas tree. Just try to combine these two trends and imagine how blue and gloomy is it. My thoughts and sadness about these patterns bring me up to this article. Thus, I’m going to offer you my ideas, what we can wear this wonderful night. Of course there…

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    Welcome to jungle

    Perhaps one of the most summer trends, bright, juicy and creating a holiday mood is a tropical print. Apart from the floral print it took the top place on the catwalks of the world. We admire and wear floral print for several seasons in contrast to tropical. This year, designers presented palm trees, exotic animals and birds in all summer collections, and the next summer season promises to be even more interesting. Speaking about this season, I’d like to highlight the mass market. The most interesting collections was Zara, H&M and River Island. It was the really great look at the youth and summer fashion trends. Starting from the swimwear and finishing with trousers…

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    Tweed is a rough woollen fabric, which is made by a special unfinished technology. It has a open, flexible texture and possibility to create direct lines. Unusual color combinations are obtained by twisting together differently coloured woollen strands into a two-or three-ply yarn. Originally tweed called twill, but it has received a different name because of the randomness and mistakes of a merchant. It`s not surprise that the birthplace of tweed is Scotland. In those days the economy has grown at the expense of woolen industry, the Scots are also famous for their delicious kilts. This fabric is a source of British national pride in the same list with the whiskey and kilts. The…

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    Gala’s galaxy

    The great artist Salvador Dali was not a simple love with a stunning Russian woman Elena Diakonova. This woman is has attracted lot of men but she needed a real blue-blooded prince. Even when she married the poet Paul Eluard, she continued her search. At one moment Elena has created her own unique style, calling herself by the name Gala. It was a coincidence, and ‘gala’ is a celebration in Spanish. However, the name was fixed forever.  She loved the soiree, luxury and wealth, but her main feature is the unrivaled intuition. When she met Dali, he immediately felt in her inimitable style and grace. Her castle in Catalonia is…

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    Flashy and bright

    Desigual is a spanish fashion brand based in Barcelona. Casual style of the cloths is so unexpectedly bright: floral prints, surreal graffiti, intensive patterns. It is very similar to Barcelona. This city is full of colors and unexpected combonations. Desigual is so beautiful like a flowers on la Rambla. The cloths is perfect as a sculptor Gaudi architecture, but it`s an acquired taste. Not everyone dared so much that would suit a bright clothes. If would like to wear this brand, you must have a refined sense of style.   To be honest i was very afraid to buy such cloths, worrying about the wrong collaboration.  Once i had found…