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    Toledo’s wives

    Spain is always inspirational. My every visit in this country means a new shooting influenced by a local traditional clothing and style. The last one in Toledo was encouraged by spanish ruffles, which a necessary element of the traditional dress. Not to be ordinary we can put this style into our daily outfit in another way as a decor of the skirt or blouse. It could be your office dress code or a part of your study and work outfit as long as it is a very romantic and night-out option (in case you’ll add unusual clutch or specific bag). Dress: A La Russe Top&Hair accessory: Monki Shoes: New Look Bag: Asos…

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    How to wear off-shoulder coat and look slimmer than you are

    It is a real trend of this spring and summer to wear your coat off-shoulder, and this trend accessible to everyone (the only thing that can really stop you is a very wide shoulders). You need only two pieces: your own coat or jacket and a belt. All starts with the belt, because everybody needs a waist no matter which size you are. The next stop is a combination: collaborate your coat with a medium pleated skirt, culottes or wide pants (the aim is to cover our problematic sites of the body). And again, the main accent should be your waist. Add some accessories on your face and neck (statement sunglasses, pretty collar…

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    Follow me to the magic castle

    Who said there is no magic in this world? It is all around us: in the sound of wind, drops of rain, beautiful things and interesting conversations. We forget about magic surrounding us in everything in this modern rapid world. Magic is happy moments, amazing impressions, unexpected trips and communication with people that close to your spirit. We create magic by ourselves. In order to notice it you just need to open your heart, watch and listen carefully. And then you’ll see a miracle even in the most ordinary and everyday life. Romper: River Island Sandals: Marni Kimono: Zara Ring: Monki Earrings: H&M Bag: Accessorize Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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    Big Grunge Experiment: What you need to know about this style

    Once upon a time one girl named Daria decided to make an experiment with her style. The choice was simple, it was a grunge. This style was born in twentieth-century music (provided by such a groups and musicians as Nirvana, The Melvins, Green River, etc.) and fashion. Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s leader, was the reluctant voice of the generation and his style influenced a lot. The grunge means ‘tired of fashion’ and can be interpreted as a ‘nonfashion’ movement. The essential parts of the style are: uncoordinated look, ripped and faded jeans, flannel shirts, layers and oversized clothes. Faux leather jacket: Zara Jeans: H&M Boots: Asos Top: Dresslink Shirt: Monki Sunglasses: Gentle Monster Choker: Ali Express Gradient…

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    The easiest way to wear jumpsuit this summer

    Jumpsuits and rompers are relevant not for the first season. This summer give the preference to the lace up and off shoulders jumpsuits. Agree, it’s so great, because the ruffles and lace are the things that we, girls, simply adore. By the way, summer is a perfect time to explore bright colors such as red, orange (warm colors always create a good mood) and pink shades. Combine your jumpsuit with interesting embroidered or lace up sandals and small bag or backpack. Shoes with platform or mules are you best friends this season. Add a fedora or boater hat to finish your look. Romper: No Name Bag: Splash Braclets: H&M Sandals & earrings: ASOS Hat: Tomtop

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    My height is 150 cm, and I know how to dress

    Actually, my height is 154 cm, clarifying about 4 cm is not so important, and my friends call me ‘one and a half l.’ affectionately, releasing the jokes about Elizarov apparatus. When I was around 12-13 years I started to practice in a model studio, but in high school I said goodbye to it, because I was not so interested in it, and I could never be a model with my growth. Then I was fascinated by the stylistics, absorbing tons of the literature and watching programs such as «Runway». Practical work as a stylist allowed me to learn a lot, but the main thing I understood that everybody needs to choose clothes based on the opportunities of the…

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    Orange is the New Black

    Everybody is talking about a sustainable development. A lot of companies produce their products with numerous violations, including illegal exploitation of people, child labour and, of course, environmental pollution. Our market is saturated, even luxury brands are harmful to the environment and exploit the human resource. For more information you can watch, for example, this video about Indonesia (click the link). However some global giants  offer a special programs to care about the environmental issue like H&M Conscious. The main idea of the company is the creation of the fashion design from recycled products. Buying a red orange dress from one of the collections with this ‘bright future’ promise, I really concerned this question. I…

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    What Everybody should know about Spanish Style

    You can travel everywhere, you can find every details. It is not a future, it is reality. We use an Internet, we cognize and dream, but we don’t apply our knowledges. For example, knowledges about national costume in different countries. Just let me know, how often do you consider to wear traditional elements of national costume? Spanish fashion pushed me over the edge, thus I would like to tell you some information about national costume essentials and give you an advice how to wear it in real life. By the way, elements of the Spanish national costume is a great modern trend (just remember last Dolce&Gabbana collections).   Peineta («la…

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    Fall anticrisis Wishlist

    Today I would like to share with you my fall wish list. However it will be not ordinary list with luxury items, today it will be anticrisis list with cheap and stylish stuff from Chinese shops. It was a compilation of the most relevant things to wear this autumn. 1) Sleeveless Printed Shirt To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 2) Short T-shirt To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 3) Trench Coat To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 4) Red wine Coat To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 5) Dragon Cuff To buy: http://www.dresslink.com/ 6) Khaki Vest To buy: http://www.romwe.com/ 7) Contrast Collar Coat To buy: http://www.romwe.com/ 8) Pink Backpack To buy: http://www.romwe.com/ 9) Hessian boots To buy:  First Second Third 10) Cristall Necklace To buy: http://www.asos.com/ru/

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    Walkin’ town with me

    Today I offer you to have a little trip to Corfu. It is a small town, capital of Kerkyra, Greek island. I show an atmosphere of the small city and my summer look with PurpleFishBowl kimono. I’ve found this shop on Etsy.com and totally fell in love with all their clothes. By the way, how do you feel, what kind of hairstyle (I’ll show you 2 variants) is more appropriate to this look? Enjoy this article and comment. Kimono: PurpleFishBowl (or shop on etsy.com) Sandals: Marni Bag: Nasty Gal Sunglasses: Vintage Romper and earrings: Asos Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva