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    Recollecting Christmas in Berlin

    I always do all in time, so I suggest you to have a winter trip now. Why not? It is just spring now. I want to show you photos and tell you about interesting things that you can bring back from Berlin. Stay here to find out something special.     No one store does work on Christmas time in Berlin.Onthe other hand fairs are the best entertainment on holidays. You can watch the show there, eat, and buy local crafts and products. I recommend you to look narrowly at hard cheese, drink mulled wine as much as it possible and buy beautiful decorations for a Christmas tree. Christmas markets are open until…

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    The hottest art

     I have already mentioned trend to wear sweatshirts, which are conquer a catwalks not for a first time. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion addicts consider them as glam as they are comfortable. However i suppose that the new black is painterly clothes.   Fragments of the triptych «The Garden of Earthly Delights» by Hieronymus Bosch were used on dresses in 2012  (Carven) and now we can see echoes of the past on sweatshirts. Classics is actual again — paintings of Raphael, Caravaggio and Perugino prove it, they had left museums and gradually moved to our bodies. (Aloha from deer) (Sugarpills Clth)    Apart from the traditional vision designers offer to wear a variety…

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    1001 successful bids in the UAE

    If Paris is the capital of fashion, Dubai is the capital of shopping. There is a large number of goods which are circulate here. Every person consume as much as whole peoples in less-developed countries. If you found an amazing Dolce&Gabbana shoes on sale and didn’t buy them, forget it, you’ll never see them again. Arabic women shop a lot, they like fashion and can’t stop sometimes. Returning from the Emirates (6 times already), I want to tell you where and how to spend the money right. The shopping festival was organized for the 1st time by the government in 1996. This world famous festival, and authorities of Dubai invite many…

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    Stockholm Syndrome

     Sweden is a very multi-faceted country: numerous islands, private Lapland, snow-haired peoples, concept design. Unfortunately, I saw only Stockholm, but for me it was enough to feel the local flavor and lifestyle. Stockholm is fairly despondent city and it is not surprising. The daylight hours are very short, all shops and restaurants close early, the only joy — museums. As for art it is a Swedish passion. Sweden is a very conceptual country, just a kingdom of contemporary art.  Why is this post called «Stockholm Syndrome»? The phenomenon when negative and aggressive behavior attracts people is the essence of the Swedish fashion. Stockholm is the city of contradictions: atrocious weather…

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    Timeless fairy tale

    We all love a fairy tale about the little mermaid. Are you thinking how to look fabulous and mysterious like mermaids from the various legends? Vogue India (May 2012 issue) offered a fantastic option. These powerful images are a great source of inspiration, especially because of the upcoming Halloween. I hasten to share with you these amazing photos.   Photographer: Luis Monteiro Model: Jessiann Gravel-Beland

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    Reconstruction of the Finnish costume: Beauty transformation (part 2)

    The Finnish history of the 20th century is not so simple. Transformation of the standards at that time has played a huge role in the culture and style of the Finnish people. In towns, make-up was no longer considered as frivolous as it had been before. Painting your lips and powdering your nose — even in public places — was positively fashionable. Women found their role models in the great stars of the silver screen. The sales and promotion of cosmetic grew. Shops offered both Max Factor and Elizabeth Arden cosmetics and Eau de Cologne 4711. Coco Chanel`s perfume Chanel No. 5 had been on the market since the begining…

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    Crazy for art

    Recently I’ve been thinking how to make print in the form of Michelangelo’s frescoes on my sweatshirts, and world designers almost in unison decorated their collections by the famous paintings. Skirts look like naturalistic paintings, dresses with accurate brushstrokes and tops with surrealism — it’s definitely cool! The first thing what attracted my attention was a winter 2014 collection of Dolce and Gabbana. There are no words to describe my feelings for it. It is indescribably beautiful, elegant and has a national flavor. Montreal cathedral frescoes, crowns, luxury and gold. Certainly it is divine. Givenchy Men’s collection caused a serious religious scandal. Tisci borrowed the images of saints from William Bouguereau. Fragments of the «Pieta»…

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    Gala’s galaxy

    The great artist Salvador Dali was not a simple love with a stunning Russian woman Elena Diakonova. This woman is has attracted lot of men but she needed a real blue-blooded prince. Even when she married the poet Paul Eluard, she continued her search. At one moment Elena has created her own unique style, calling herself by the name Gala. It was a coincidence, and ‘gala’ is a celebration in Spanish. However, the name was fixed forever.  She loved the soiree, luxury and wealth, but her main feature is the unrivaled intuition. When she met Dali, he immediately felt in her inimitable style and grace. Her castle in Catalonia is…

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    Flashy and bright

    Desigual is a spanish fashion brand based in Barcelona. Casual style of the cloths is so unexpectedly bright: floral prints, surreal graffiti, intensive patterns. It is very similar to Barcelona. This city is full of colors and unexpected combonations. Desigual is so beautiful like a flowers on la Rambla. The cloths is perfect as a sculptor Gaudi architecture, but it`s an acquired taste. Not everyone dared so much that would suit a bright clothes. If would like to wear this brand, you must have a refined sense of style.   To be honest i was very afraid to buy such cloths, worrying about the wrong collaboration.  Once i had found…