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    Why Russian streetstyle photographers are so terrible in work

    Look at a photographer to understand what he does, look at his clothes and a sense of style. Does he look great? European and American photographers wear amazing things, look stylish and glossy, because their style was before the camera. Our photographers believe that they don’t need it to make a good shot, but it is a matter of aesthetics and a sense of the world. They just shoemakers, walking barefoot. So, tell me, how a person looks like a victim of a repression without any feeling of beauty can take a good choice of shooting or not of anybody? Who judge your style? I’m not angry, but I hope, this article…

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    Alena Akhmadullina for Faberlic

    Within the last season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia designer Alena Akhmadullina, which can be called the main storyteller of the Russian podium, presented her new collection consisting of two acts. The first one was «The Mistress of the Copper Mountain” and the second was dedicated to three capsule collections for Faberlic by Alena Akhmadullina: «The Bird of Happiness», «Winter bouquet» and «Empire».  When you see this collection, you find yourself in a Russian fairy-tale world, which is presented through the prism of style created by Austrian artist and modernist Gustav Klimt, walk through a magic garden with incredible plants and flowers, as well as get inspiration by popular in Russia Empire style. Collections are already represented in catalogs and…

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    Alena Akhmadullina SS’2017

    Alena Ahmadullina fashion show is one of the most expected show within Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia always. The latest collection of the brand based on the fairy tale «The Mistress of the Copper Mountain» is not an exception. We find unique applications, sparkling stones and a keeper by herself in the form of a lizard on the clothes. Photo: Daria Ratushina

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    The Birth

    This photoshoot was inspired by a painting of the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli, more precisely by his masterpiece ‘The Birth of Venus’. This art not only about the appearing of the Goddess of Love, but also about the nature and it’s forces. Every element has a name in this world. The Sunrise meets Zephyr, Zephyr controls the waves, and flowering plants on the rocks create a mood. After all, the high fashion is born in the ringing sea foam right here. Dress: Alena Akhmadullina Shoes: Jimmy Choo Bag: Olympia Le-Tan Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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    Sculpt Battle L’Oréal Paris

    On May 30 the Academy of L’Oréal hosted an event dedicated to the launch of a new hybrid sculpting cream powder L’Oréal Paris Infaillible Sculpt. Top Russian blogger and makeup artist, Victoria Moiseeva (Koffka the cat), told the invited bloggers and showed how to use sculpting products at this presentation. Sculpt Battle L’Oréal Paris was a part of the event: bloggers demonstrated their skills in practice of the facial contouring in the contest. As the result, the jury compared the options «before» and «after» and chose the winner. As for the sculptor from L’Oréal, it came out very good: it is very easy to apply and easy to blend it. You can apply it even by fingers and achieve the desired oval…