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Surrealism in fashion and life

Salvador Dali was a brilliant representative of surrealism. He has never missed an opportunity to collaborate with other extraordinary personalities to implement the wildest fantasies. Dali was directly linked with fashion. He was a friend of Coco Chanel, but worked more with her competitor, the designer from Italy, Elsa Schiaparelli, for which he created a lot of the most extravagant models. The most outstanding cooperation was the work of Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli — hat collection. Salvador invented unusual surreal subjects, and Elsa implemented it. Jean Cocteau entered in mad team, bringing theme of mental disorders and phobias in clothes. I will not say more about their creations, you can find all of this on the Internet. Instead, I invite you to visit the world of Dali with me.

You can see Dali`s Theatre-Museum on the photo. Everything inside is made by his hands. It shocks unprepared person. In addition to paintings, you can find there installations, sculptures, frescoes and jewelery. Returning to the subject of fashion, Dali created a cult of food. He has an amazing picture of the bread. Backlighting makes a loaf of bread divine. As Dali said, bread allows us to live. It was a favorite picture of his wife Gala. Dali`s in collaboration with Schiaparelli created a hat-cutlet, many dresses with lobster and different food.

There was a famous collection of jewelery among the works of Cocteau, Dali and Schiaparelli. These  jewelry was amazing not only by the design, but also by materials: candy, stationery, feathers and tablets. Salvador Dali joined the collection with earrings- phones, and Jean Cocteau invented sinister earrings — all-seeing eye. Elsa Schiaparelli started making necklaces made of aspirin and potent sleeping pills and jewelry with a circus theme.
A collection, created a huge noise, was a series of original and strange hats. At that time to go to the public with open forehead was considered as a bad manners (such a liberty was comparable with fornication). Few ladies ventured to put on a hat-phone, hat-cutlet, hat- shoes or hat-inkwell. Hat-tablet first appeared in this collection. It is that headdress in the form of fashionable tablet of aspirin. It was the prototype of hat that became the integral part of the style of Jacqueline Kennedy (30 years later). In addition were created strange accessories: gloves with nails, bags, apples and more.

In 1936, Salvador Dali took part in the development of ideas for decorating perfume «Shocking». It is believed that he inspired designers Elsa and Fernand Zherikol to create the bottle, which shape resembles a tailor mannequin. Elsa Schiaparelli ordered Salvador Dali to develop a bottle of perfume, the issue of which was planned timed to celebration of the Renaissance and the liberation of France after World War II. Cap-sun symbolizes the French monarchy, in particular King Louis XIV, also known as the «Sun King».

Salvador Dali showed that surrealism is not just a trend in the artwith clear principles, it is a way of thinking and being, a style of life. Surreal fashion — it’s not just the vanguard, is the idea, which is higher than it seems.

Gala wanted glitz and luxury, so Dali`s came up with jewelry. The history of jewelry collection begins in 1941. Dali drew sketches on the paper carefully invented all the details, and then selected the materials and stones, looked after the jeweler Carlos Alemany how he embodies this in reality. Jewelry of Dali live and breathe. These open and move. Beating heart strikes especially.

Themes of eyes and lips can be traced in many works of Dali. Brooch-watches «Eye of Time» is made of blue enamel, platinum, diamonds and cabochon ruby. Dali said: «A person can not avoid or change the time. The eye sees the present and the future.»

Walking through the territory of the castle of Dali’s wife, you realize, what if you start to think surreal, it manifests in everything. Myths and subjects from dreams impregnated the whole house of the artist and his wife,  the reality combines with fantasies. It’s just a different world, where everything is possible.

Dress: Romwe
Ring: Romwe
Necklace: Lindex
Sandals: Marwa
Bag: Mango
Sunglasses: Asos

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