Spring Wishlist

Spring is a wonderful time, when we want more bright colors and good mood. Therefore I made wishlist of the brightest and spring things, reflecting trends. I’ll highlight definitely below things, where it can be bought. In the list i recorded everything that i like: expensive things and cheap.

1) Edie Parker — Oscar Vee clutch


2) MARC BY MARC JACOBS — pleated skirt

I spotted this skirt in the Emirates in February. Unfortunately, the store did not have my size, and we have no time visit other store. Fabric of the skirt shimmers like it was created on another planet.

3) Axenoff Jewellery

Axenoff Jewellery is a distinctive Russian jewellery brand. The concept  of the brand is based on Russian history and culture. The thematic design of Axenoff Jewellery is closely linked to the very richest cultural and historical heritage of Russia. I chose the earrings ‘MATRESHKA’, earrings czarist era ‘MR KARENINE’ and broch ‘SAINT BASIL’. The main drawback of the brand — very heavy price.

4) Miu Miu Semi-Rimless Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses

5) Marc Jacobs — Silk Coat

TO BUY!!!6) ZOEVA — Pink
elements complete eye set
These brushes have
second place in popularity list (after Hakuhodo). Brushes for the tone and
liquid cosmetics can be replaced by beautyblender, but the brushes for
shadows with feminine design are always needed. 
7) ASOS — Earrings Blue Moon

8) ASOS — Ragan Shoes

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