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Spanish Style Secrets (Vol.2)

I’ve already mentioned Spanish style in previous article, however I would like to show you more pictures from my styled photoshoot and give you some recommendation how to wear details and colors. Stay here to find it out.


You should know these things to look like a Spanish babe:
1) Wear pure red or vine color. Don’t be boring, choosing dresses. Wear red pants or full suit, try red shorts with white crop top ot shirt. Find your perfect red lipstick (I love M.A.C. Russian Red and Lime Crime Velvet Lipstick, this look was made with M.A.C. Toledo in shade Sin).
2) Wear lace. Black lace is a classic. Try yellow, green or red lace top, combine it with the monochromatic or floral printed pants. Wear lace top with the pleated skirt and boots from the 70s. Make an accent on your accessories: wear lace bag or lace shoes with the jeans and white top.
3) Enjoy traditional Spanish hat in black or red color. Collaborate it with the light chiffon maxi dress (dotted, for example) or printed pants and monochromatic pants, add men’s boots.
5) Explore the facilities of the Spanish shawl. It could be the zest of your look. You can wear it on your neck, knotted from the front, or you can put it on your shoulders. By the way, you can tie it on your hips if you want more oriental outfit.
6) Love yourself and be confident. Every Spanish girl look perfect even if she has something strange in her outfit. It is a question of self-respect.





Top: Amichi
Shorts&Necklace: Monki
Necklace with the paw: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Leg bracelet: Asos
Scarf and fan are souvenirs.
                         Love you,
                                                                    Daria Evtyanova

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