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Recollecting Christmas in Berlin

I always do all in time, so I suggest you to have a winter trip now. Why not? It is just spring now. I want to show you photos and tell you about interesting things that you can bring back from Berlin. Stay here to find out something special.



No one store does work on Christmas time in Berlin.Onthe other hand fairs are the best entertainment on holidays. You can watch the show there, eat, and buy local crafts and products. I recommend you to look narrowly at hard cheese, drink mulled wine as much as it possible and buy beautiful decorations for a Christmas tree. Christmas markets are open until 9-10 pm.




All Germans dressed very stylish and modest. Young people prefer something informal, street-wear. They buy clothes from the mass market, flea markets, prefer young designers. Seniors are especially stylish people, they look nice. This category of people like atelier and special shops with the history.




What you can buy in Berlin:
1) Bear. 
It is a symbol of the city. You can buy a teddy bear or a statuette, the choice is huge.
2) Fashion accessories. 
There are many informal young designers in Germany. Something special can be found in small shops, on the markets and shopping centers.
3) Edible souvenirs. 
Glazed gingerbread hearts — Lebkuchenherz, local chocolate, the balm — Jägermeister liqueur and schnapps.
4) German hunting knife. 
No comments, it will be the best purchase. I know one perfect place: ‘Frankonia’ (Friedrichstr. 69,10117, Berlin).
5) Works of art and antiques.
Berlin sees a lot of art galleries, where you can buy the works of famous artists. Also check out German porcelain.
6) Clothes and shoes.
I am in love with brand Tamaris, it is really comfortable shoes. All this staff you can find in city-centres. The biggest centres: Leiser, KaDeWe, Galeria Kaufhof, Europa-Center, Galeries Lafayette, Department Store Quartier 206, Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, AlexaShoppingCentre.
If you visit Berlin on Christmas time, try to find something interesting on the market. I found these gorgeous bags there. The eyes of animals and moons look like real. It is made of recycled material, everything is environmentally friendly and beautiful. But the price exceeds 300 euros. Something is expensive, something is cheap. But you can always find something unusual.



If you have seen everything in Berlin, do not be lazy, go to Potsdam. This small town is very beautiful and colorful. The whole city can be seen in a day, however you can get lost for a long time in the royal garden (it is very nice and fresh).





I would be very happy, if this article will be helpful. Enjoy and comment!

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