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Real capsule or placebo?

There was a day X in the shops of H&M a few days ago — new collection came out. H&M has collaborated with supermodel Amber Valletta and Ever Manifesto. Specially created campaign ‘Conscious Exclusive’ promotes environmentally friendly fashion. All clothes are made ​​from recycled materials.

Clothes are made from sustainable materials and were performed in bohemian style. It turned out to be really beautiful and chic. The collection is not flashy, it is airy, light and womanly. The source of inspiration was Spain mainly. You can become a toreador, either flamenco dancer or just a Spanish princess.
It’s not a first H&M’s environment protection oriented collection, they try to bring more fashion products that are good for the planet. By the way it is a good value for money. This policy seems to be necessary and great, but for company it is just a marketing instrument. Socially oriented marketing have taken a big part of our life, sometimes it’s truly hard to identify the advertising act. Famous names or good purpose allow to attract new customers, even those who are not loyal.
Doubtless, what is really lame… so it is the quality. We cannot ignore the fact that mass-market is a mass market (although the quality of Zara is much better). Even if the things from H&M will have a name of Isabel Marant (or Versace) on the label, threads will stick out. Sloppy stitches ‘adorn’ dresses, but do not stop the fans.

Besides, I want to tell you a sad story about the stores in Moscow. It is undeniable that the capsule collection is limited and exclusive, but in Moscow shops it is a shortage not because of the demand. Once the product appears in stores, there are a lot of rushing dealers. These unpleasant-looking women come at 5 am with big shopping bags. Getting the entrance as a first visitors, they take two-thirds of the things that will be resold much more expensive.

One of the few collections, which was really waited  by me, — Anna Dello Russo for H&M. There is nothing left those day. Two weeks later I come into the shop in Berlin, it was swamped with these long awaited products.
Fashion must be ecological definitely, this idea should be promoted. So it’s up to everybody to decide whether you will wear this such a cute designed clothes from capsule collections or not. I rate this work as unqualified and low quality, but it has a potential of the high fashion.
The whole lookbook of the collection you can find on the offical site of H&M: 

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