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PIROSMANI founded by JENYA MALYGINA is a Russian fashion brand from Saint Petersburg. The concept of the fashion house is following: ‘No fashion, no trends, no season’. All models are consistently recognizable and always relevant, that is why Russian fashionistas are in love with this brand. Our magazine represented by photographer Daria Ratushina took a look at new spring-summer show and backstage preparation of PIROSMANI in the frame of MBFW Russia and got to know, why it is so adorable and beloved by local bloggers and celebrities.


The new PIROSMANI collection is called «Deep eyes». The clothes is really full of  content, which can shock somebody or affect the depths of the soul. The collection united a traditionally beautiful dark romance and goth elements of the brand with abstract and surrealistic accessories. Dark prints with geometry and people faces created a little creepy atmosphere. Just look into their deep eyes.












By the way selection of models to showcase of clothes deserves a special attention. Each model is an unusual face, the face of high fashion. Therefore PIROSMANI it is rather about the character and style than just about things. Just look at the face of the brand Daria Malygina (on the right bottom picture), daughter of the designer. She conquered the fashion world in sixteen on the runway show of PRADA, Burberry and other giants of the industry.


Designer JENYA MALYGINA on the left of the picture.


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