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Once in Valencia

Hi there! Today I would like to take you for a walk with me in Valencia, Spain. You will see amazing arhetecture of the main plaza in the city, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and palace of corrida. I picked up this look, taking into account 38 degree heat. My shoulders were rescued by a kimono with sea waves, which you have seen in another photoshoot. By the way, it is The Great Wave off Kanagawa, also known as The Great Wave, which is a woodblock print by the Japanese artist Hokusai. I am an art lover, thus I am in love with the clothes based on the pictures.





Dress: Topshop
Slip-on: Marypaz
Sunglasses: AliExpress
P.S. The interesting fact for you. Toreador is a national hero of Spain. Valencia — is one of few cities in Spain where bullfighting is allowed. All participants have special corrida costumes, all the roles are clearly defined and each character comes into action at the appointed time for him. The classic toreador with red muleta, begins only at the final part of of bullfighting. Toreador costume is a real masterpiece. Full dress weighs about six kilograms. The main weight is embroidered and decorated with stones coat called chaquetilla (very beautiful jacket), vest chaleco and skinny pants taleguilla. Montera (toreador cap of astrakhan) also weighs about a kilo.

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