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OLGA_PLЁNKINA: Human is a measure of fashion

On October 26, the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia there was held the brightest shows, including the controversial and brilliant project ‘CONTRFASHION‘. On ‘CONTRFASHION’ show was all: high-tech fabrics, vanguard forms, unusual cut and silhouettes. It was bold and contrasting. However, the most interesting phenomenon was ‘OLGA_PLЁNKINA’ brand that combines the tradition and rebellion, classic and unimaginable experiments. The show was accompanied by a live performance of drummers from ‘Drum Cast’, and a high fashion rule the catwalk.  I was interested to find harmony and answer for some questions. Thus I joined the unusual trends and chatted with the popular designer, stylist and photographer, Olga Plenkina.


Hello, Olga. I congratulate you with the collection, it is simply awesome! All models are very beautiful and vanguard. What inspired you? 


I am always inspired by people. Perhaps nothing is more interesting than people. Human is the most unique creature that still not unraveled. I showed a new man, a man of the new nation.


The show just shocked a lot of people, it combines high fashion and play piercing. Models walked the catwalk with spokes in the cheeks and other punctures, moreover with the countless tattoos. What does this mean?
The person I showed renounced stereotypes and went beyond the perception. Perhaps it is surprising that a man is punctured completely without anesthesia, but this ‘new man’ absolutely does not feel pain, instead of this he feels beautiful and confident of the world. It is integrated into clothing. Things reflect a new sense of people.
Do you see your clothes in real life on people?
All my stuff is absolutely suitable to wear in everyday life. Sure, they may not fit to travel on the subway, but each of these things can be put on and integrate into our lives. You can wear them freely.
Do you have any advice for young fashion designers?

Yes, of course. I advise young talents to look for a spark and realize all your unbridled ideas. We need to do it constantly, without stopping, only this way something could happen.



As you know, Russia has a difficult situation with the domestic mass-market, it is a fact. Do you see any prospects? Maybe would you like you to work for this sector? Yes, I think that someday I will be able to do it. As soon as the opportunity arises, I will certainly try. Our Russian people should dress in Russia, and young designers have something to offer. We really can and should strive to show ourselves and our capabilities.

Thank you very much! Good luck! I wish you every success.

Photos: Daria Ratushina

Russian version: FAVOT

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