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My height is 150 cm, and I know how to dress

Actually, my height is 154 cm, clarifying about 4 cm is not so important, and my friends call me ‘one and a half l.’ affectionately, releasing the jokes about Elizarov apparatus. When I was around 12-13 years I started to practice in a model studio, but in high school I said goodbye to it, because I was not so interested in it, and I could never be a model with my growth. Then I was fascinated by the stylistics, absorbing tons of the literature and watching programs such as «Runway». Practical work as a stylist allowed me to learn a lot, but the main thing I understood that everybody needs to choose clothes based on the opportunities of the figure.

So, I am ready to share with you the most useful tips that I hold in the selection of clothing:

1) Think by your head. No one stylist has a right to decide what hairstyle or print you should wear, it is only your decision. Yes, it is true that short people’s head looks bigger, but nobody can force the girls to make a short cut for the sake of height — it’s just blasphemy. Speaking of prints, which makes your figure fat or slim (a vertical print extends the figure visually), it is a different story. And you know what? I was sure that the horizontal strips look fat. And yes, it will be really look bad if you wear striped stretch fabric that fits your fat abdomen and emphasizes the shape of your accordion-figure cheerfully. Therefore, make a decision about the print on the fabric based on the style of the things you buy.

2) Shop not alone or with the phone. During the fitting ask the opinion of your friend or boyfriend. It’s better to go with a girl, because men usually do not care and don’t see the difference, looking only at the color. If you shop alone, do not hesitate to ask the consultant to take photos on your phone. Make sure that you have a picture from the front and behind. Such a request would not surprise a normal adviser, especially if you do shopping in an expensive boutique, as soon as luxury item should sit perfectly.

3) The length of the pants and skirts plays a big role. Do not play with an average length or short trousers, because they just diminish your height. Also, if you are far from a stylist education don’t wear a fashionable and very relevant culottes, because they can do a cruel joke. Your length is either shorts or pants that cover the half of the heel. As for the skirt, the maxi length is good for you, if you have high-waisted skirt and crop top or you tuck a shirt into it. And so, I suggest you to wear a knee-deep skirt, and if the figure and lifestyle allows you, even shorter.

4) The matter is the waist. I am lucky: it just so happened that I have really long legs relative to the whole body, so I periodically (and sometimes more frequently) allow myself to hide the presence of the waist wearing oversized blouses and massive sweaters. But the main covenant for small babes: remember where your waist is, my friend. Therefore remember, clothing waist can be overstated (+10 self-confidence, + 20 length of the legs and karma) or regular (where it should be, ideally). Thus, your friends are tops with basque, case dresses, dresses with high waists or belts on the waist. No low waist on the pants, jeans or dresses! Taboo!

5) Shoulder to shoulder. More exactly, try to choose the things that will not make your shoulders wider, otherwise you will become not even a cabinet on the legs, but a bedside table.

6) Do tricks with shoes. For example, nude pumps or shoes with heels matching the tights can make wonders, adding up to 10 cm in height. Avoid massive shoes that makes your feet are disproportionately large relative to the body. Remember that heels are your friends, but not a panacea. Every day I’m horrified by girls who in their 20 years break legs on huge heels in the underground or earn early varices. But we do not live in the century, when the delightful fragile young ladies are on the hands of gentlemen, fly from the car to the restaurants, and they are sitting at home and embroidered masterpieces the rest of the time. We live in a world full of a lot of interesting things, but we continue abandon many activities due to calluses and aching legs. It is better to go the extra 4 circles around the museum, than to sit on a bench in the cloakroom as the «showpiece», but on the beautiful high heels. Therefore, if you can not live without heels, choose a stable and comfortable heel.

7) There is nothing shameful and unaesthetic in small height. Firstly, the height can not be changed (well, only if you reduce it by cutting off a few extra legs or head), and secondly, there is no single standard of what should be a person and how you should look like. And if someone is in a hurry to measure your with a ruler, remember that the racist of Fascist Germany did the same, and then change the social circle.

Top: Monki

Pants: ASOS Africa

Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell

Bag: Balenciaga

Fur charm: Ali Express

Text: Daria Evtyanova

Photo: Daria Ratushina

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