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Monki fw’ 2015-2016

Company Monki make interesting and colorful collection for the coming autumn and winter. The presentation to the press tooks place in a very bright and colorful place, Powerhouse Moscow, which fully conveys the atmosphere of items. The collection is dedicated to travel, and every thing tells its own story and help to create new ones.

Like other brands, brand Monki believes that something new is a well forgotten old one. Or not quite old. One part of the new collection takes us into the atmosphere of the 90’s parties, and the second one offers us to become real English dandy. Rave’s part is made of colorful materials flashy but not vulgar prints are used. Old good butterflies reminds Givenchy, they are made in the form of brush strokes and far from insects due to its abstraction. Orange and blue in the collection is the eternal unmistakable combination, ideal for walks during the leaf fall.
The second part of the collection is the classic «eternity» due to exploiting tweed and «herringbone». However, you should look for a new life «of old hits.» Monki has gone through an interesting way and offered us a very exciting interpretation of the classic jackets, diluted by sports elements. Provocative knitted sleeveless sweaters deserve special attention too.













Part of the collection will be available in stores
at the end of July, and the other half in mid-September.


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