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Man on the horseback

Hermès was founded by Thierry Hermès in 1837, but few people know that the company were only manufactured saddles and clothing for riders. Today the range of the products includes leather, perfumery and other luxury goods. Why Thierry Hermes started to make bags? Maybe it was profitably, maybe it was inspired by muse. 

In my opinion people have given too much importance to Birkin bag. High-quality leather, expensive service, the brand — is it all? Firstly bags weigh a lot, and secondly it is considered as travel bag (don`t grieve the girls in nightclubs and restaurants). I don`t even want to mention the price, but alas, in Moscow, it is more than 90 thousand rubles (almost $2800). Who is willing to pay so much money for a bag? A working (I emphasize working!) person will not buy this bag. I hope you understand my conclusion.
However, each product has a buyer. Let’s be happy for the lucky owners of «horse supplies»! Incidentally, Grace Kelly bought Birkin bag because of its size to cover up the belly during the pregnancy. Grace gave the unlimited popularity for the brand, but not the rationality. I have to admit Hermes makes great accessories for riding and beautiful dining sets.

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