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Today I want to leave my favorit and usual topics and to talk about cosmetics. Namely, about cosmetics from Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s pharmacy began to serve customers in the East Village in 1851. The company is famed for its natural composition of cosmetics and quality ingredients. Now you can buy American products almost anywhere in the world. I want to tell you about my loved products of this brand. I don’t like to do reviews of cosmetics, but these products are simply ask to talk about them.


  The first one is hair conditioner and grooming aid. Consultant at the store promised me shiny hair like in advertising on TV and fantastically easy brushing of hair without gluing. She did not disappoint me. I love it! I put conditioner after every hair wash to the damp hair, then I brush it and dry. This product nourishes hair really great and makes it soft as silk. Incidentally, it is also possible to use as a mask.
  Next product I bought just because I heard good reviews. I used almond oil, it was applied on the face before going to bed to look fresh in the morning. However, this thing will be much more powerful. Night regenerating concentrate is one of my favorites. Some people criticize it, but they do not realize that there are no miracles. If you have huge spots, they don’t disappear per night. However using it every night, face color is getting better and smoother.
  Abyssine Cream closes my top three. I loved it’s light-weight and moisturizing effect. This cream has a very soft texture and looks like a whipped cream. Actually this cream has anti-Aging effect, but I do not notice it because I’m still not at that age and I do not have wrinkles. It is hydrating with a nice consistency. My skin has a nice clear glow after using it.It does not leave trace of oil, despite a few oils in the composition of ingredients.


  I’m totally in love with this brand. By the way, the best part of Kiehl’s brand is that prices in Russia do not differ from the prices in other countries.


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