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Lilas: a new look on femininity

There are a lot of stands with the collections of most talented designers and stylists at Moscow Fashion Week. We certainly glanced at their shows. But our attention was attracted by the most delicate and colorful stand. Everything with flowers. Everything is gentle and graceful, tender and nice. There are beautiful and flying dresses on mannequins, such an amazing that I wanted to look at it all the time. Certainly, I wanted to know who is the author of such a great beauty. Thus I talked to the talented and amazing designer and model, Ekaterina Kormich. Interview with Ekaterina passed in relaxed atmosphere, it was easy and pleasant to communicate with her, and the show has remained in our memory as one of the most memorable events of Fashion Week in Moscow.

Hello, Ekaterina. Congratulations to the first collection! Tell us more about your brand. What is the concept?
My brand is very young, it’s only 3 months old. Translated from the French ‘Lilas’ means ‘lilacs’ and ‘lilac’. I called my brand this way because I love the French and the combination of sonorous sounds. I have been chosing for a very long time. However I stopped at the ‘Lilas’, since this is my favorite color and flower, and I like the sound of the word.

Where can we you buy your clothes?
We are planning to open a showroom, but now only in the office.
How does you create a collections? 
The hardest part — to dwell on one thing, to chose the concept. I like a lot of things, I have a tremendous amount of ideas. Some detail can draw attention, the color can be very attractive. For example, red was very appealing for me, but I could not fit it in my collection, because in this case, I have everything in pastel shades. To prepare and sew the collection was easy. Favorite activity supplies great pleasure. I knew what I wanted and did what I like.
I know that you have two daughters. How they look at your work? Do they want to be engaged with the fashion?
One of my daughter is 2.5 years old, another — 5 years, and they are engaged in clothing every day. Every evening, they pull out everythig from my cabinets. We have a tradition before bedtime to collect things, my clothes and their dresses. When my youngest daughter was one year and a half, I bought her a dress, and my husband and I were in shock, she got up and began to spin like a real model. My husband, of course, asked did I teach her. Telling the truth, I showed her nothing, I did not tell everything. Apparently, it is transmitted.
I would like to know, what fashion means for you? Do people have to follow it?

For me, fashion means a lot. Since my childhood I got sick of it. My dad sewed, my grandmothers sewed. When I was in 6th grade dad got a sewing machine instead of a salary. He gave it to me, and my only Barbie doll has become the most fashionable doll in the world.  I sewed her a a pile of clothes. Now I am surprising how could I do it in 6 class. Clothing for the doll was with all sorts of ruffles and small details. And in the future, I tied my life with fashion. 10 years I have worked as a model, I simply can not live without this industry. I’m in love with the beautiful things, all beautiful. I like to look at the beautiful girls, beautiful flowers and beautiful objects. Certainly, I want to create something beautiful.

Many women prefer not elegant shoes today, such as sneakers. Do you think is it womanly?
Perhaps that’s why I created my collection: to show that woman should be a woman. Unisex, androgynous… Women are lost and confused nowadays. I want women to stay herself.
How do you see the perfect clothes?
Clothing should always be comfortable. This is the most important. In addition it should be nice and easy. If it good at this man, good with his figure and face — it’s the perfect clothes.

How to make a good start in fashion industry?
The main thing is not be afraid. I did not expect this. I graduated British School of Design, what and this has turned my mind. I even do not know how it happened, what I created a collection. I just decided, and that’s happened.
Thank you, Ekaterina. I wish you every success!
Photos: Daria Ratushina

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