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Life in ruins

Today is a post about history and street style. Have you ever interested in Ancient Greek fashion? Over thousands of years the ancient Greek clothes symbolized beauty and refinement. Clothes of Ancient Greece emphasized the beauty of the female body and well-masked figure drawbacks and visually stretched silhouette. Thus if you are the owner of a lush figure, look at this style of clothing.
Cut was absent in Ancient Greece classic clothes, styles resembled the marble columns of ancient temples. Greek shoes created in a simple style — sandals consisted only of a flat sole and thin leather straps.

The first clothes of the ancient Greeks was heavy and massive. Population wraps intothe  square pieces of woolen cloth (male «hlen» or female «peplos»), which is fixed on the shoulders. Later, the paint began to be used in clothing, ornaments emerged. «Tunic» came into vogue for men, it was a case-shirt decorated with small folds.The colors of dresses symbolized the social status of the owners: the aristocrats wore shades of white, green and brown colors existed for the general population of the ancient state.

Prolonged Greco-Roman wars prompted the population to save money and wear restrained outfits. And then, tunic came into the female wardrobe. Women began to collect it under the breast, creating additional volume, glorifying by poets.
By the way, the ancient Greek hairstyle is an important component. To wear flowing hair was considered as a bad taste, it was appropriate only for mourning. The choice was rich: curled hair, lightly fastened behind, or high hairdresses with braids and knots, decorated with a variety of jewelry.
Today I would like to share with you my street style pictures from Greece (Old Corfu), which was inspired by Ancient Greek fashion. Enjoy, comment and remember that every ruins are somebody’s life!





Dress: Zara
Sandals: Marni
Bag&cuff: Nasty Gal
Hair Accessory: Asos
Sunglasses: Quay Australia








Dress: Monki
Sandals: Marni
Sunglasses: No Name
Ring: Romwe
Cuff: Nasty Gal

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