How to wallop Miu Miu and Prada

Hello, gorgeous! I decided to launch a new heading called ‘how to wallop big fashion brands’. Today i’ll show you how to give a new life to your old sunglasses. I think your result will be better then Miu Miu and Prada.


You need: 
  • glue pistol
  • old sunglasses
  • crystals (or rivet if you like last model of Prada)


I took my old Zara sunglasses. I really like this shape, and it is very popular now, thanks to Miu Miu. You can also take a cat-eye or round sunglasses. Round one will look like Prada, and cat-eye — like Fendi. I choose black crystals to make classic one, which i can wear with everything. You can be more brave, using bright colored stones.
Be careful, working with the glue pistol. Glue is very hot, and details should be fixed very qickly. You can attach stones only on the corners (so i did) or on the whole frame. If you have colored frame, I advice you to make only corners, it is enough. Sunglasses should not be too speckled.
One more cool idea: attach the stones only on the upper line of the frame or only at the bottom. Enjoy my design, comment and share yours!

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