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How to solve ‘nothing to wear’ issue

At least once in a lifetime almost every woman stood near the closet  with the words: ‘I have nothing to wear!’. We don’t like a lot of things or we do not like ourselves in these things. And it is a problem of inefficient wardrobe. Let’s sort out what you can do in such a situation.

1) Buy only things you love. Forget about sales and discounts. Think about a dress a couple of days. Do you really need this? You can’t live without it, you know, where you will wear it and how, then buy. You’ll wear your favorite thing every day. Someone may think about conservatives, but it concerns all, the top fashion blogers are not exception. You can have a million things and rarely wear them, but you can have 5-6 things you’ll wear every day, because they are favorite.

2) The basic wardrobe implies that you have clothes for any occasion. It is a very personal question, but it is always useful to have this stuff: jeans, blouses, classic pants, monochromatic skirt and shirt, sweater, shoes, boots, one-colored coat and a single color dress. All these things can be expensive or cheap, it doesn’t matter.

3) The main thing is the style. Not your style, the style of clothes. The things from your basics should sit on you perfectly. Every woman knows that there are days when all things seem ill-fitting. Your basic wardrobe should be chosen the way that things were neutral. They must not show the figure flaws. Even if you are thin, do not buy skinny basic things. Because one morning you will wake up and want to feel comfortable, not strapped. The same applies to the volume clothes. Know a sense of proportion. Do not buy things with the aim to lose weight or getting fat. Buy what you will wear today and tomorrow.

4) Do an inventory. If you did not put a skirt more than a year, perhaps it is already small or large to you. Get rid of the unnecessary things. Do this once a year, preferably once a season.

5) Do not leave your comfort zone. Your wardrobe should consist of things compatible with you, not with the other person with a different character. If you wear only pantsuits or dresses, why 3 pairs of sneakers occupy so much space in your closet? The fact is that you never ran into them! Why did you buy this fitting dress, if you feel in it as a call girl? Such a things will never put on, thus you have nothing to wear.

6) Think what you will wear tomorrow. It will take 5-10 minutes, but tomorrow you will not be late. Do not leave the choice of clothes for the last time. Of course, you can change your mind tomorrow, because the mood will be different. But still, it is better to think in advance.

7) SOS wardrobe or duty outfit. You have to come up with a suit that you can always wear on any occasion. For example, if you do not know what to wear, wear a black dress and classic shoes. It could be any set, most importantly it should match your rhythm of life and occasion. As in the case with the black dress and boots, you can wear it on a date, when you go to work or visit corporate holiday.

Vest & pants: Zara

Top: Forever 21

Sandals: Marni

Bag & cuff: Nasty Gal

Braclet: H&M

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

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