MBFW Russia

Goga Nikabadze FW’16-17

We have tradition to visit Goga Nikabadze fashion show and admire it. No doubt, he is one of the most interesting and exciting Georgian designers presenting collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. His collections are always very elegant and authentic, but it is not old-fashioned. But here we are interested not in things made by Goga, but in the magical connection between the audience and the designer. This energy simply can not be described in words. Goga Nikabadze loves his guests, and the guests adore him. The hall is exploded with the applause at the end of every show, the flowers fill the entire podium, and the designer bows down on his knees before the public. It is a kind of special magic.

The collection consists of clothes with floral print, fluffy pullovers and cardigans, complementing rich colors, and, of course, stunning costumes and dresses. The designer showed wonderful that men can look chic in bright things with a floral print. The same we can say about the pink, red, yellow and other bright colors that perfectly fit the image of young people.

As for the female part of the collection, it is made in the same free-cut. We adore flying dresses with flowers, capes, vests and jackets complemented perfectly by the defiant accent in the form of olive lips. This little accent made the most rigorous looks with blazer dress a little bit rebellious. But in general, colors of the collection alludes clearly to the colorful autumn with motley leaves and late inflorescences.

Photo: Daria Ratushina

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