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Gala’s galaxy

The great artist Salvador Dali was not a simple love with a stunning Russian woman Elena Diakonova. This woman is has attracted lot of men but she needed a real blue-blooded prince. Even when she married the poet Paul Eluard, she continued her search.

At one moment Elena has created her own unique style, calling herself by the name Gala. It was a coincidence, and ‘gala’ is a celebration in Spanish. However, the name was fixed forever. 
She loved the soiree, luxury and wealth, but her main feature is the unrivaled intuition. When she met Dali, he immediately felt in her inimitable style and grace.

Her castle in Catalonia is a reflection of her soul. Her fantastic dresses are stored in one of the rooms. The bright brocade, delicate silk, luxurious velvet — all these things are collected in her unique wardrobe. Such a different, charming and strong — Gala is the epitome of good taste and a great muse of genius.

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