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    How to wear pink in 2018: Exploring old fort in Portugal

    One of the last shootings of me took a part in Cascais, Portugal in a very beautiful and mysterious place – Hotel Fortaleza Do Guincho, which was built on the territory of the XVII century fortress. it is medieval palace with secrets and special atmosphere. My looks was inspired by this and Gucci styling from the Cruise 2018 fashion show in Florence.  The key colors of my outfits was all dusty and powder pink shades, collaborated with black, gold and terracotta. That is the secret of creating a special romantic atmosphere of the looks as well as the shooting at all. Two my new favourites was used: Seaside cork heels by…

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    How to wear tunic this summer: walkin’ Lisbon with Monki

    Lisbon is a magical city, which can be explored both on foot and tram routes. It is better to choose an easy and pleasant outfit that will provide comfort on a hot day for a long walk, for example, oversized flying tunic and shorts. Combine it with bright colourful bag and beautiful shoes (heels for romantic evening and flat for morning promenade). Tunic dress & shorts: Monki Bra: Women`s secret Shoes: Jimmy Choo Bag: Oh My Bag Sunglasses: No Name Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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    5 rules to build a perfect travel wardrobe

    Summer is a perfect time to travel and discover new horizonts, but you could not enjoy it fully with a bad wardrobe and massive luggage. A good preparation is a part of a wonderful trip, so let’s find out more about packing: what to take, what to leave, where to put it and how to organize.  1) Minimise quantity, maximise utility. Try to decrease the amount of clothes you were planed to take and twice the money for a leisure in your trip. You need universal sets of clothes for any occasion, try to think less that you are wearing and spend more time enjoying the outward things. You need as much comfortable…

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    Toledo’s wives

    Spain is always inspirational. My every visit in this country means a new shooting influenced by a local traditional clothing and style. The last one in Toledo was encouraged by spanish ruffles, which a necessary element of the traditional dress. Not to be ordinary we can put this style into our daily outfit in another way as a decor of the skirt or blouse. It could be your office dress code or a part of your study and work outfit as long as it is a very romantic and night-out option (in case you’ll add unusual clutch or specific bag). Dress: A La Russe Top&Hair accessory: Monki Shoes: New Look Bag: Asos…

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    Follow me to the magic castle

    Who said there is no magic in this world? It is all around us: in the sound of wind, drops of rain, beautiful things and interesting conversations. We forget about magic surrounding us in everything in this modern rapid world. Magic is happy moments, amazing impressions, unexpected trips and communication with people that close to your spirit. We create magic by ourselves. In order to notice it you just need to open your heart, watch and listen carefully. And then you’ll see a miracle even in the most ordinary and everyday life. Romper: River Island Sandals: Marni Kimono: Zara Ring: Monki Earrings: H&M Bag: Accessorize Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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    Big Grunge Experiment: What you need to know about this style

    Once upon a time one girl named Daria decided to make an experiment with her style. The choice was simple, it was a grunge. This style was born in twentieth-century music (provided by such a groups and musicians as Nirvana, The Melvins, Green River, etc.) and fashion. Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s leader, was the reluctant voice of the generation and his style influenced a lot. The grunge means ‘tired of fashion’ and can be interpreted as a ‘nonfashion’ movement. The essential parts of the style are: uncoordinated look, ripped and faded jeans, flannel shirts, layers and oversized clothes. Faux leather jacket: Zara Jeans: H&M Boots: Asos Top: Dresslink Shirt: Monki Sunglasses: Gentle Monster Choker: Ali Express Gradient…

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    Night Before Christmas

    The night before Christmas is a magic time, divination time. Girls get together and tell fortunes to know the future and their destiny. This night and Yule are dark and full of mysteries. Everything can happen this Holidays. Would you like to be a spectator or participant? Choose fast and don’t make a mistake. Olga wears: Sleeping dress Asos, shoes Asos; necklace No Name, moon bag&top Monki; Daria wears: Top Sorry I’m Not, skirt Vintage, choker Asos, shoes Zara Olga wears: White blouse H&M, shorts & boots Asos;  Daria wears: Constellation blouse Sorry I’m Not, skirt H&M, boots Ash Daria wears: White lace dress H&M Conscious Exclusive, boots Dino Bigioni; Olga wears: Black dress Milk It, black sleeping dress New Look, boots – model property Daria…

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    Mermaid story with Intimissimi

    Inspired by beautiful and sparkling Intimissimi clothes, I prepared a photoshoot on Portugal coast in Lagos town. You see the atmosphere of the mermaid’s mystery in sea caves and on a deserted beach. This shooting was very exiting and dangerous, because of the ocean tide. I hope you enjoy this! Skirt & pink top (as a skirt): Intimissimi White mermaid top: Zara Accessories: H&M Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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    Zara fall 2016: Flower Patrol

    Flowers take over our wardrobe this fall. All options are good: an embroidery, lace and patches. The most fashionable and cool thing is a brutal army clothes. How to wear it and how to style? Today I would like to show you our photoshoot with last Zara collection. It is full of flowers and colors, but you can wear it every day. For example, the army coat with patches will save you from the rain and wind this autumn, combine in with shorts and boots or boyfriend jeans. By the way, flower dress will look relevant too, wear it with sneakers and leather jacket or bomber.         All clothes:…

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    The Birth

    This photoshoot was inspired by a painting of the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli, more precisely by his masterpiece ‘The Birth of Venus’. This art not only about the appearing of the Goddess of Love, but also about the nature and it’s forces. Every element has a name in this world. The Sunrise meets Zephyr, Zephyr controls the waves, and flowering plants on the rocks create a mood. After all, the high fashion is born in the ringing sea foam right here. Dress: Alena Akhmadullina Shoes: Jimmy Choo Bag: Olympia Le-Tan Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva