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All you need to know about futurism

This summer, the major fashion trends are a style of the 90s, futurism, strips and unusual combinations. If the 90s fashion and strips are simple and clear, you need to figure out how to add the futurism in your closet. So let’s try to find out what this ‘dark horse’ is.

Like many other trends in fashion futurism came from the sphere of the art. The avant-gardists of 10-20s of the last century rejected the status quo, trying to create a new reality, which could destroy the traditions and approaches of the seated style. Tired of reality, artists and poets have rethought their lives, rushing into his own imagination and unexplored galaxy in thoughts. Total discrimination of the past, contempt for the accumulated experience and the search for uniqueness led to an explosion in the literature, the visual arts and architecture. Literature was gripped by a vulgar expressions and transference of the jargon and slang into an artistic speech. The movement and speed, the energy, the rejection of the usual relation of the canvas and the reality began to dominate the painting. Architecture also feel all the delights of the futurism, becoming more industrial and praising robotics. Not a content, but the form has become the main thing.

Despite the fact that the designers popularized futurism in 1910, it was a symbol of everything new and progressive, futuristic style manifested itself much more later in the broad mass of clothing consumers. Young artists, poets, writers and sculptors shouted about urbanization and mechanization, about the necessity to undermine the old cultural stereotypes, but it could not become as quickly as they dreamed about it. Futurism was the embodiment of the aggression, rebellion and anarchy power. Therefore, futurism was able to penetrate into the wardrobes only with the help of important people in the fashion industry and creative leaders in 50-60s years of the 20 century. First of all, it was connected with the development of pop culture as well as the emergence of the personalities cult and style icons, followed by a huge mass of people. Unique silver fabric, fantastic make-up and clothes, geometric shapes and unusual accessories moved from the glossy pages on ‘party people’, on which the images of aliens from another world  fit into the bohemian lifestyle and the endless dance floors shine organically.

Veronika wears River Island dress, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, stylist’s bracelets

Today it is accepted to distinguish the two directions of the futurism, which can be easily expressed in a few words: «wearable» and «not wearable». The futuristic style of clothing has remained a set of technologically-cosmic clothes, but some designers offer a minimalism and a very simple clothes with metal parts or materials that simulate the metal as well as clear things. But some designers tend to have more exaggerated fantasies and hypertrophied forms. So there are models on the catwalks with space hats, collars and in huge alien dresses of unimaginable sizes.

Nastya wears Dresslink romper, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, stylist’s bracelet and belt

If you need the specification of futuristic wardrobe items, it is not so difficult. Paradoxically, the futurism loves both a shapeless unisex silhouettes and all the streamlined and strictly geometric. The combination of these two elements in the same outfit is very relevant. The iconic shoes of this style is the high platform (just remember Lady Gaga), but glittering or transparent heels will suit too. The modern futurism allows the penetration of the classics, thus sneakers or sandals on a platform in the Japanese style will fit perfectly. Accessories allow any geometric variety, so it’s a great area for the art and creativity.

Dasha wears ASOS top, Monki pants, model’s boots

Previously, the classical colors of the futurism was the following: silver, black, gold, gray, steel, platinum. This was associated with the concept of art. However, modern designers like to experiment and prove that neon colors, electric blue, yellow and red as well as classical colors have a right to exist in our outfits. The modern age has no right to dictate to us what and how to wear something properly, the rules and laws of fashion is no longer valid, so the futurism won in this sense.




Nastya wears Isabel Marant for H&M top, H&M bracelet, Ali Express body accessory, stylist’s cuff, skirt and boots

Futurism is relevant again this summer, so it has a sense to return old transparent bags and shoes with clear heels from the shelves. And if you do not have these things, now is time to buy them. Do not be afraid to wear skirts and trousers reminding the foil, and the bravest person may take a risk to try light summer coat made of silver fabric. Don’t be afraid to combine silver with colorful neon and strips, which is relevant in any way this summer. Complement your metallic skirt or trousers with interesting t-shirt with unusual print. And by the way, here is the fact for ardent fashionistas: many brands of mass market prepared for the summer collection shorts from metallic fabric.

Natasha wears Zara skirt,  ASOS shoes, vintage coat, stylist’s top and necklace

Perhaps, the main trend of the coming season is unusual combinations. Summer is the best time to experiment, so feel free to wear a dress combination over the t-shirts and strict shirt under the lace or fringe top. Combine a sequin or metallic pleated dress with sneakers. After all, your personality is the future, energy and motion, and every your thought is the innovation.

Photo: Katerina Ponik

MUA & hair: Olga Panasenkova

Style & text: Daria Evtyanova

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