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All you need to know about eye area care

Let’s be honest, how many hours do you spend at the computer and your smartphone? Do you know what the radiation from these devices is harmful for the eyes? And by the way, there is an interesting fact: the fans to dig into the phone before going to sleep or watch TV more likely to suffer from insomnia. And in any case, whether it be stress, lack of sleep or abuse of gadgets, this influences our eyes and the skin around them. Therefore, the area around the eyes requires a special care.

Your first best friend is a moisturizing eye drops, which will help you to relieve dryness and discomfort. Do not take the responsibility in the selection of drops, it is the issue of the ophthalmologist, who will pick up something specific for your problem. Also, do not abuse with the drops, because the natural cleansing and moisturizing was incorporated by nature, and this is the role of the tears.

Take responsibility for the choice of the cream for the eye area. Don’t you want to get an additional irritation or allergy? Take your time, meticulously testing the products in different brands. You can purchase both, a day and night cream, if you have very dry skin around the eyes or if you love to use a concealer with a strong pigment (professional cosmetics especially dry the skin). Light emulsion is suitable for a young and not very dry skin, you can apply it in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.

To prevent is easier. Using the cream will allow you to prevent the appearance of dryness, bags and blue bruises. Also you can try an option with the stick, the similar products in liquid form you can find, for example, in Clinique, or in dry form from Tony Molly. However, one should not expect a miracle from them, because they are designed for long-term use and prevention. Much more better to wake up with clear eyes rather than decide what to do with the problem appeared afterwards.

SOS products are important and necessary. If something has happened, you are overworked, overdid with the fluid last night or eat salty, the patches and masks are the best way out. In this case it is perfect to have a pack of patches in the refrigerator, so you keep them longer, and cold from them relieve a tumescence quickly. Particularly I recommend you to look closer at the patches from Secret Key and their new partner Beautydrugs, which is made at the same factory by Russian company, they moisturize and relieve swelling very fast.

Advanced technology taking care of you. Previously, we could not ever think that the face mask can become warm without a microwave or a network connection. But those days are gone, and here is a new product — steam eye mask. It is conquering more and more people by its simplicity and efficiency. For example, steam masks Meg Rhythm by Japanese company KAO are made from hypoallergenic material, they are heated in the contact with the air to an optimum temperature for the skin. The steam relaxes and softens the skin. Meg-Rhythm masks have different flavors: rose (light, powdery and very unobtrusive odor), ripe citrus, lavender and sage (lavender soothes, the sage relaxes), chamomile and ginger. The line also has a flavorless option.

Steam masks help to remove the pressure from the eyes. This is great after a long computer work. And also, these masks are very convenient to use on the road, for example, on long flights. Also steam mask can be worn under the usual mask for sleeping for a snug fit and better skin contact. They are very comfortable to sleep. An important fact is that any mask for sleeping increases the productivity of the sleep greatly, which is noticeable on the face immediately. But the case os steam masks, due to the evaporation you wake up without further swelling definitely.

Take a care about yourself. Try to follow the regime. Even if you sleep not enough, the main thing is a regularity. Wake up and go to sleep in the same time, do not ignore your body signals. Do not drink a lot of fluids for the night, but do not limit yourself throughout the day. Pick an appropriate care, be beautiful and healthy! I wish you success!

Photo&text: Daria Evtyanova

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