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Yulia Nikolaeva SS 2020

Russian brand Yulia Nikolaeva showed at the Luzhniki Palace of Water Sports in Moscow it’s new collection. The officially enclosed space welcomed the guests with the warmth and atmosphere of a real summer. A talented photographer Daria Ratushina visited the backstage and watched the preparation of models and their rehearsal.

Yulia Nikolaeva, a Russian designer and founder of the brand, is known for her ability to create stylish and minimalistic sets. Clothes from Julia look appropriate in any environment. Design always strives for utility and simplicity, but at the same time it looks very conceptual. The main audience of the brand is intellectuals who want to look stylish without compromising the comfort.

The guests of the show were greeted with ice cream on sticks and cool water, which contrasted strongly with the temperature of the air (there were 27C degree in the room). It was a summer on the catwalk and in life. Models walked around the pool with a light gait, and it seemed that the girls were swimming enough and go to rest on the sunbeds.

Julia Nikolaeva collected a variety of shapes and textures on the catwalk. Soft and voluminous coats, flying dresses resembling minimalist caftans, loose trousers, shorts and culottes are worth your attention.

The black color in the summer collection does not look gloomy at all, rather it is elegant and stylish. There is also a restrained strip, which does not cause the usual associations with a cruise and sailors, but complements modest outfits. Contrasting and versatile accessories in the form of bags and patch pockets stand out: it is a very interesting idea for outfits.

The price category of the brand is high, Yulia Nikolayeva has a fairly closed atelier. But you can be sure of high quality and uniqueness.

Photo: Daria Ratushina

Text: Daria Evtyanova

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