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Why do you need Wide Leg Trousers

Wide trousers is not only a cult thing, but something that can transform the shape of your figure completely. This style had been living in the East from the most ancient times because of the convenience. Famous personalities of the 80s often chose this option for everyday life and nighttime adventures. Probably you often hear and see how stylists and fashionistas recommend wide trousers in various programs on TV. How and why do we need this? Let’s deal with it!


Firstly, wide pants help to hide extra kilos. In particular this style will suit girls with wide hips and feet. A variant with a high waist such as palazzo pants (skirt -trousers) visually stretches the figure and adds extra 5-10 cm in height. However for small girls it is better to wear these pants with heels, not to become a small square. Choose pants made of thick fabric, they will make you beautiful body lines without a slimming underwear.


Wide trousers are universal, but everything depends on the the fabric. Feel free to choose brocade, velvet or polyester a wedding of a friend or meeting with the friends at the bar. Add a crop top and sneakers or sandals. Wide leg pants are perfectly combined with long vests and any hat also.


If you are a lover of different jackets and blazers, you can dilute the strong image with a print, bright clutch and sandals. You could use any plain fabric without a pattern for a work, the office styled wide pants or bell-bottoms in combination with a shirt will add a femininity and emphasize the strictness of your outfit — it is an ideal look for important meetings or appointments.


Comfort is one of the main advantages of the wide trousers, because they simply can not press anywhere. Nomadic tribes spent a lot of time on the road in the East, so the wide pants have taken root here. They came in Europe much more later, but for some reason not all people appreciate their advantages.


Marlene Dietrich has brought wide men’s trousers into fashion. At that time it caused a huge scandal. But now these pants is not a surprise. Combine them with shirts with print or short sweaters, emphasize the waist with a belt, you can add ankle boots with heels or oxfords on your feet. It is such a good option for tall and fragile girls.


Pajama-type wide pants will still be relevant this fall. Combine them with bombers and light tops with thin straps. They will also look great and with monochrome sweaters. Feel free to add them to the black leather jackets and rough boots, so you will be at the centre of attention, and probably into the street report of a glossy magazine.


Of course, the wide leg pants are not a panacea for all ills, but having them in your wardrobe will make your life more interesting and brighter. Anything will work in your favor, if you wear it instead of hanging it in the corner of the wardrobe.


Pants и top: Monki

Crop top & scarf: No Name

Sandals: Marwa

Bracelet: Juicy Couture

Sunglasses: Topshop

Choker: H&M

Hat: Tomtop

Bag: Fendi

Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

Text: Daria Evtyanova

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