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Two simple ways to wear leopard fur coat

Leopard print is a classic, some people consider it as a basic thing. It comes in and out of fashion every few seasons like clockwork. Leopard fur coat is iconic thing, just remember a numerous American and French actresses, Edie Sedgwick cult style and Kate Moss generation. 90s are coming into fashion, so you should reconsider your mind about this item. However I believe that leopard fur coat could be useful in a lot of cases, but it is a question of styling. Today I show you the easiest way to wear it in cold winter.

I chose a warm faux fur coat from Topshop for the trip to Bratislava. The weather was sunny, but it was very windy and cold. Therefore, the main complement for this bright thing was simple, I added a warm winter boots from Tamaris with fur inside and black jeans from H&M. I have nothing to wear the same things every day, because accessories can change everything, a makeup can do the same.

To get more sporty look, add a beanie or knitted hat with a pompom. I wore a turtleneck sweater — tunic with a stellar print. Large and abstract print will also look great, but avoid floral prints. Add a cross-body bag or minimalistic backpack. Thus you will look very relaxed and stylish, and most importantly you will feel comfort. It is a perfect way to travel, walk a lot and keep all the things you need in trip. At any time you can change you boots or sneakers to heels and visit restaurant or exhibition.

As I said before accessories play a lot, thus you could be more retro, choosing some vintage sunglasses, or be futuristic with mirror lenses and clear frame. You could be more romantic and sweet, wearing skirt and mittens or add a leather gloves to get a very brutal look. I believe that bag reflects the nature of the hostess. The bag can say a lot about its owner. Adventurous girls choose backpacks, energetic and practical girls take big bag to hold all their lives in them, and a small bag is important to those who attached great importance to their outfit and image. But remember, smart girl can wear everything.

My second outfit is very similar to the first one, but it is more chic. My friends and I went to the castle in the suburbs of Bratislava, so I was inspired by the Gothic style and romanticism. Light sweater was complemented by a black hat, choker and dark lipstick from NYX in shade Transylvania. Sweater and pants is easily replaceable on the evening dress, but in such a cold weather sweater is the best thing that can happen to you.

My leopard print coat was a very lucky find this winter. The ’60s silhouette is always in style, and so I advise you to look for a fur coat like this. It can be a significant element of any wardrobe. Thus do not be afraid to experiment and make your animal instincts to roar!

Faux fur coat: Topshop

Boots: Tamaris

Bag: Accessorize

Stellar tunic: A La Russe

Cream sweater: No name

Jeans&hat: H&M

Gloves & earrings: Asos

Beanie & choker: Ali Express

Sunglasses: Quay

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