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5 rules to build a perfect travel wardrobe

Summer is a perfect time to travel and discover new horizonts, but you could not enjoy it fully with a bad wardrobe and massive luggage. A good preparation is a part of a wonderful trip, so let’s find out more about packing: what to take, what to leave, where to put it and how to organize. 


1) Minimise quantity, maximise utility. Try to decrease the amount of clothes you were planed to take and twice the money for a leisure in your trip. You need universal sets of clothes for any occasion, try to think less that you are wearing and spend more time enjoying the outward things. You need as much comfortable things as it is possible. Thus try to take only one pair of heels, if it is really necessary for you type of vacation, in any case you need at least one pair of sneakers or boots for long walks. The clothes should be convenient, light (by weight) and, speaking about texture and fabrics, it doesn’t ask for ironing and additional processing. By the way, I have one tip for you: if one of your dresses needs straightening after carriage, use your bathroom, filling the bath or shower on the warm water and leave it to hang inside for hours. A good idea is to avoid jeans because they are heavy enough, not too comfortable and not suitable for the carry on luggage (and, yes, an airport can lost your bag).



2) Mix&match. It is an addition point for a previous note. In every trip all we need is a good capsule wardrobe, depending on the weather. Try to find more information about your future destination, look at Instagram, local people or visitors due to the geotag (it is a nice way to find inspiration anyway). One or two warm things are must-have no matter which country are you going to visit. The golden rule is that your clothes should be matched perfectly with each other. Try to avoid bold options, give a preference to the basic things. A very good idea is to use one color scheme or to find a harmony.



3) Organise. A most part of your luggage should be empty in case you will need to buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends. The best solution for packaging is the following: the vacuum bags or rolls of clothes. Use more packages for cosmetics, it could be spilled. Don’t forget, what jackets and sweaters take up a lot of precious space and weigh, try to find the most light option for shoes as well. If you like to read, the really good decision for you is to download books to your tablet or smartphone. Respect yourself and do not take unnecessary heavy things.



4) Simplicity is a new beauty. Don’t add the extra pounds, taking your own hair dryer and five colors of the nail polish. You don’t need it, because every trip is a chance to relax and enjoy your life without unnecessary actions. Nobody cares of your rough curls or the lack of Babylon on the head. Bring only things you cannot live without (if you don’t work in trips, you don’t need a laptop or something like that, watch a movie on your phone or better watch a sunset on the beach). We have so many deals and things, what we forget to live.



5) You can buy, what you forget. There are a lot of shops in every city and town in every country, so don’t give up. You can find your toothbrush, shampoo or socks everywhere.




Romper: River Island

Sandals: Marni

Ring: Monki

Sunglasses: H&M

Bag: Accessorize

Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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