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Without Sugarcoat’s Era

The first question was: do I really need a blog? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not everybody tries to express it. Sometimes it seems very boring. I decided to start my own project called ‘Without Sugarcoat’ to show you a real face of Russian fashion, to distinguish cultural features of local fashion. I hope that magazine helps you to understand this industry more, to understand yourself.
The name reflects the content and purpose of my magazine. I want to show that fashion is inside our mentality. The way we dress and what we prefer — it is an integral part of our culture. Each country has its own vision of the world, and this is reflected in the clothes worn by its inhabitants.  
People want the truth. We want to see real models without Photoshop on the magazine cover, we want to know how somebody makes money through our interests, how people are forced to wear something.
A lot of brands in the 21st century begin to broadcast new values​​. They have feedback, and that’s fine. But the fashion industry needs to become more open, it needs to be without sugarcoat.
I will be glad to discuss all my posts and fashion news. Some posts will be in English, some in my native Russian. Thus it`s my first note, enjoy and text me. My name is Daria. Nice to meet you!
Love you,
Your editor in chief, 
Daria Evtyanova

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