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    Top stylish instagram accounts to follow

    People can look at three things forever: fire, water and men dressed stylish. I searched carefully and found the best selection of  men’s fashion accounts in Instagram for you. I suggest all men to look for inspiration on these pages and girls to envy man’s taste.   You will see a selection of fashion bloggers, models, shops, magazines and pages-inspirers. Enjoy and comment!                                              

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    The hottest art

     I have already mentioned trend to wear sweatshirts, which are conquer a catwalks not for a first time. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion addicts consider them as glam as they are comfortable. However i suppose that the new black is painterly clothes.   Fragments of the triptych «The Garden of Earthly Delights» by Hieronymus Bosch were used on dresses in 2012  (Carven) and now we can see echoes of the past on sweatshirts. Classics is actual again — paintings of Raphael, Caravaggio and Perugino prove it, they had left museums and gradually moved to our bodies. (Aloha from deer) (Sugarpills Clth)    Apart from the traditional vision designers offer to wear a variety…

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    Man on the horseback

    Hermès was founded by Thierry Hermès in 1837, but few people know that the company were only manufactured saddles and clothing for riders. Today the range of the products includes leather, perfumery and other luxury goods. Why Thierry Hermes started to make bags? Maybe it was profitably, maybe it was inspired by muse.  In my opinion people have given too much importance to Birkin bag. High-quality leather, expensive service, the brand — is it all? Firstly bags weigh a lot, and secondly it is considered as travel bag (don`t grieve the girls in nightclubs and restaurants). I don`t even want to mention the price, but alas, in Moscow, it is more than 90 thousand…

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    Gala’s galaxy

    The great artist Salvador Dali was not a simple love with a stunning Russian woman Elena Diakonova. This woman is has attracted lot of men but she needed a real blue-blooded prince. Even when she married the poet Paul Eluard, she continued her search. At one moment Elena has created her own unique style, calling herself by the name Gala. It was a coincidence, and ‘gala’ is a celebration in Spanish. However, the name was fixed forever.  She loved the soiree, luxury and wealth, but her main feature is the unrivaled intuition. When she met Dali, he immediately felt in her inimitable style and grace. Her castle in Catalonia is…

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    Flashy and bright

    Desigual is a spanish fashion brand based in Barcelona. Casual style of the cloths is so unexpectedly bright: floral prints, surreal graffiti, intensive patterns. It is very similar to Barcelona. This city is full of colors and unexpected combonations. Desigual is so beautiful like a flowers on la Rambla. The cloths is perfect as a sculptor Gaudi architecture, but it`s an acquired taste. Not everyone dared so much that would suit a bright clothes. If would like to wear this brand, you must have a refined sense of style.   To be honest i was very afraid to buy such cloths, worrying about the wrong collaboration.  Once i had found…