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    Tropical inspiration

    Summer is coming, we will wear dresses and floral print very soon. Thus I suggest you to get inspired by an amazing pictures from Vogue Japan, March 2014. This summer the most fashionable things are appliques, 3d images, flowers and graphics. Photographer: Sharif HamzaStyling: Giovanna BattagliaHair: James RoweMakeup: Benjamin PuckeyModel: Juliana Schurig  

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    Summer head

    The holiday season is coming soon, it’s time to think what kind of clothes we can choose to walk on the sunny streets of the city and wear at the resort. Of course, the choice of clothes is a very important process, but today we will talk about the upcoming summer accessories, namely about what we can decorate our bright female head. Fashion brands offer a huge selection, so let’s really understand what exactly new and unusual we can hang on ourselves. So decorations in form of chains deserve special mention. It may be a chain that are attached by scallop or it is a dressing with chains. These jewelries will be…

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    Timeless fairy tale

    We all love a fairy tale about the little mermaid. Are you thinking how to look fabulous and mysterious like mermaids from the various legends? Vogue India (May 2012 issue) offered a fantastic option. These powerful images are a great source of inspiration, especially because of the upcoming Halloween. I hasten to share with you these amazing photos.   Photographer: Luis Monteiro Model: Jessiann Gravel-Beland

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    Without Sugarcoat’s Era

    The first question was: do I really need a blog? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not everybody tries to express it. Sometimes it seems very boring. I decided to start my own project called ‘Without Sugarcoat’ to show you a real face of Russian fashion, to distinguish cultural features of local fashion. I hope that magazine helps you to understand this industry more, to understand yourself. The name reflects the content and purpose of my magazine. I want to show that fashion is inside our mentality. The way we dress and what we prefer — it is an integral part of our culture. Each country has its own vision of the world, and this is reflected…