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Russian Red: How to wear red and blue

Blue and red colors is a classic combination. The only problem is to choose the colors based on your color type. The easiest way to combine these colors is to apply the universal principle: one of the two colors should dominate (for example, blue should be complemented by red accessories or vice versa). The shade of the red color should be a classic scarlet like the first choice of your red lipstick (it should not make your teeth yellow and should make the lips smoother and more beautiful like M.A.C. in shade Russian Red). Correct red will not highlight your shortcomings. The deep blue color is a perfect solution for such a combination, to work with light shades is much more difficult. This combination of red and blue is not look vulgar, it is noble.






Bag: Siberique

Dress: Fallen Star

Shoes: Zara

Sunglasses: Good Win

Earrings: Lady Collection

Photo: Дарья Ратушина

Text: Дарья Евтянова

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