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Orange Paradise (Bazaar edition)

  When you would like a real Eastern
exoticism, just come to Morocco. Persian Gulf countries have been stepped
forward long time ago, the remains of their national identity huddle
on small islands among skyscrapers. But in Morocco as well as in other
countries of the Maghreb, everything looks very natural: landscapes, cities,
people. Yes, buildings are dilapidated, the country is very poor, but its
spirit is amazing.
  Morocco is an
agricultural country. Many people grow vegetables and fruit, but the others
have a huge problem with the work. But the work of farmers is visible. Oh,
these fabulous oranges! Farmers cover them with a resin of orange tree for the
export to Europe, that is why they are so shining on our markets. Oranges
do not sparkle in the domestic market of Morocco (savings on rhe resin), but how
sweet and delicious they are! 

  This country is
simply a kingdom of bazaars with all the classics that we show in the movie:
the noise, the bustle and debates about the price. You can buy everything at
the bazaar: herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, carpets, souvenirs, pottery,
clothing, jewelry, fabrics, food, a variety of sweets and delicacies.

  I cannot say a lot about the carpets, because I wasn’t especially interested in them. Desert tribes — Berbers — have a tradition of marriage. When it’s time to marry the son, mother should find him a girl. Arriving at her home, the first thing she research is a carpet on the wall. A woman must do three carpets for life: 1) when she is a girl 2) when she married 3) becoming a grandmother. The carpet shows a wealth of imagination of its author, perseverance, intelligence, hard work. If the mother like a carpet, she meets a girl and negotiates the marriage.      

  Speaking about
the leather, these products in Morocco are mainly handmade. The quality of the
skin and its handling are very good, but design, of course, is lame. Was it
grunt before or bleat? There’s a lot of skin starting from the bison and finishing
with  a camel. By the way, the product of
the camel has a very specific smell.
  Moroccan caftan
for women deserves special attention. Thing is just awesome, I’m sure, (not
today or tomorrow) but it will conquer the main runway of the planet. Incidentally,
something similar may be found in Zara.
  To buy silver on
the market, no doubt, is a strange idea. However, there are some quality silver
shops. Typically, it is specialized shops along the edges of the market with normal
storefronts. The main traditional combination of stones —
green and red — the colors of Islam. Moroccans appreciate only the silver, they
don’t have gold at all.

  Costumed in
national Berber suits men walk around the market looking for a naive tourists.
Why naive? They walk and rattle the glasses with a pennies, asking for a huge
amount of money for photos. Most interestingly, if they get even the smallest
coin, they do not get upset. Because all the prices that you hear on the market
were designed for a naive tourist.

  Sales counters are
overflowing with nuts and sweets. Bees and wasps are circling around all this
beauty in large quantities. To be honest, this show scares. Cookies and cakes
covered with a cling film, but the insects creep on it. Although
no one was poisoned, and no one was bitten. Sellers touch the insects calmly,
as if it were their pets.
  Shoes. There are so much shoes on the market that Carrie Bradshaw would be drowned in these mountains.

  Perhaps, the
most important thing I want to talk about is the national food: insanely
delicious meat, vegetables and couscous. Chefs prepare all meals in the tagine.
These tanks are something that are similar to the pots with a lid. They are
clay or ceramic. The food inside is obtained stew and very juicy by the juice
from vegetables.
  You can say: ‘Oh
My Gosh! Why she describe food in fashion blog?’ Haha. So, these tagines resemble
women in Morocco. Some are simple in brick-color clothes, some in bright
fabrics, sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight. Patterns on the national clothes
are also similar to the drawings on tagine.

Moroccans have a
tradition of drinking tea with guests. So do not be surprised if the sellers
will offer a glass in every department. Honestly, there is a terrible lack of
sanitation, but the rejection is inappropriate. Tea is very tasty and sweet
even without sugar through a combination of herbs.

  Mountains of
spices cannot be transferred in any words. Sellers voiced very high prices, but
it is not true. You have to haggle, because the real price is below 2.5 times. I
found unusual lipstick in these shops, it looks like a tagine. A coating is hydrating
by the drop of water and you inflict it by the finger . This is a natural
lipstick. Roots of viagra, various herbs and mixtures are sold in small shops. It
is very difficult to understand what is it, but the sellers explain that and
give you to try everything (except viagra, of course, haha).

  This the post
was devoted exclusively to the bazaar. Market is a very weighty feature of
Morocco. Next post will be dedicated to the cities, interesting places and
shopping list.

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