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Orange is the New Black

Everybody is talking about a sustainable development. A lot of companies produce their products with numerous violations, including illegal exploitation of people, child labour and, of course, environmental pollution. Our market is saturated, even luxury brands are harmful to the environment and exploit the human resource. For more information you can watch, for example, this video about Indonesia (click the link). However some global giants  offer a special programs to care about the environmental issue like H&M Conscious. The main idea of the company is the creation of the fashion design from recycled products. Buying a red orange dress from one of the collections with this ‘bright future’ promise, I really concerned this question. I honestly do not know how to react to it, because my belief is not enough, and it’s so good to be truth. Do you believe what we can create our sustainable future? Do you trust H&M program?

I can’t say that I believe in it. H&M for me will always be the company with the perfect white and black PR, but all these programs are only a small fraction of what people can do to take a care of future generations. Moreover, the most part of it is like a dead poultice. If you really care about the future of our planet, you should give the preference to environmental friendly materials, small businesses and private little-known designers that produce clothes. But, of course, it will be more expensive. It is such a great dilemma: «Trick or Treat».

Unfortunately, all that we, the consumers, can do is to decide to buy or not. And everyone should make his own choice. No one can force you to take one or another decision. And, perhaps, the only thing I’m sure today is that I like this orange dress and how bright it looks in such a colorful city like Madrid.

Dress: H&M Conscious exclusive

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

Sandals: ASOS

Bag: Splash

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