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India spirit: Graviteight x Nataly Osmann new collection

A presentation of the new capsule collection made by Nataly Osmann and brand Graviteight took a place  in the Tsvetnoy Central Market recently. It was inspired by India and its culture. Young Russian — Belgian brand Graviteight appeared not so long ago, in 2013, but acquired the hearts of fashionistas. Their secret is simple and complicated at the same time: the feature of the brand is that things can be combined with any things from your existing wardrobe easily and perfectly, the same is about the elements of the collection, which you can mix together a hundred times. Don’t you think what it is the best decision?

IMG_0813 IMG_0828 IMG_0874

‘There is a legend in Indian countries that it is possible to catch a tiger in a thicket, a bird in the sky, the fish in the depths of the waters, but you can not catch the fickle woman’s heart… And then to reassure that heart can only love. Love should be honest, pure, all-consuming. Being a woman, to feel the strings of life, try on the colors of nature, proudly carry the beauty, strength and love in our heart is the true state of every woman. My collection for Graviteight was established on the basis of this’, — says Nataly Osmann, co-author of the beloved project Follow me to.

IMG_1022 IMG_0825 IMG_0940 IMG_09901

Spirit of India, one of the favorite countries of Natalia, permeates every thread of the volume sweaters, maxi dresses, knitted mohair suits and elongated cardigans. The chosen color scheme reminds the shades of oriental spices, making clothes warm and cozy by a piece of sunny country and kitchen herbs. The ornaments richly decorated with a brooches and embroidered with stones allude to the traditional dress of Indian women — sarees delicately. Designers of the brand show that simple and «wearable» items can be bright and memorable. Their new collection is not an exception!

IMG_0849 IMG_0884 IMG_0913 IMG_0924 IMG_0841

The music, incredible beauty of flower garlands and the main «zest» of the evening- the master of mehendi, which drew with henna beautiful ornaments to everyone, complemented the overall atmosphere of the event.

IMG_0802IMG_0930IMG_0955 IMG_0839IMG_1042IMG_0804_33IMG_0929IMG_1068IMG_1090

I am already eager to become a happy owner of oversize sweater with massive brooch, to download Oscar-winning «Slumdog Millionaire» for Ipad and catch the next flight Moscow — Delhi.


Text: Daria Eremenko

Photo: Daria Ratushina

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